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If by your silence you condone sin – any form of sin – you are liable before Me

August 18, 2014

Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I am the Founder of Holy Love in every heart. As such, I come to protect this same Holy Love and to lead all souls to their salvation, for this is My Father’s Will.”

“Once again, I address all leaders – most especially leaders who demand obedience, but are unworthy of it. If by your silence you condone sin – any form of sin – you are liable before Me. When the orgy took place in this city [Cleveland, Ohio] over the last week (gay games), did you speak out against sodomy? Your silence as leaders spoke volumes. Condoning such behavior for the sake of revenue by secular leaders displays moral decadence, not wisdom. Silence on behalf of religious leaders bespeaks approval of sin. You cannot tolerate sin without condoning it.” [Francis says "who am I to judge?"]

“Leaders who desire to do the Will of God must accept that their moral positions will be unpopular with some. These are the ones you must correct as an Act of Mercy. This is good moral leadership. Sound morals cannot return to any soul or any nation unless the way is made clear through sound moral leadership.”

“I am not afraid of speaking out against error. I never was. You must do so, as well.”

Read 1 Peter 5:2-4

Tend the flock of God that is your charge, not by constraint but willingly, not for shameful gain but eagerly, not as domineering over those in your charge but being examples to the flock. And when the chief Shepherd is manifested you will obtain the unfading crown of glory.

Read 1 Thessalonians 4:3

For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from immorality;

Holy Love

Strange Silences of a Very Talkative Pope

From Chiesa – Sandro Magister

The Strange Silences of a Very Talkative Pope

Not a word for the abducted Nigerian schoolgirls, nor for the Pakistani Asia Bibi, sentenced to death on the charge of having offended Islam. And then the audiences denied to former president of the IOR Gotti Tedeschi, driven out for wanting to clean house.

by Sandro Magister

ROME, August 1, 2014 – On the feast of Saint Anne, patron of Caserta, Pope Francis made a visit to this city. Everything normal? No. Because just two days later Jorge Mario Bergoglio returned to Caserta on a private visit, to meet with an Italian friend he got to know in Buenos Aires, Giovanni Traettino, pastor of a local Evangelical church.

Initially Francis’s intention was to go only to visit his friend, with the bishop of Caserta left completely in the dark, and it took some doing to convince the pope to expand his schedule in order not to overlook the sheep of his fold.

In Francis the collegiality of governance is more evoked than practiced. The style is that of a superior general of the Jesuits who in the end decides everything on his own. This can be grasped from his actions, his words, his silences.

For example, Bergoglio has spent weeks behind the scenes cultivating relationships with the heads of the powerful “Evangelical” communities of the United States. He has spent hour after hour in their company at his residence in Santa Marta. He has invited them for lunch. He immortalized one of these convivial moments by giving a high five, amid raucous laughter, to Pastor James Robinson, one of the most successful American televangelists.

When no one knew anything about it yet, it was Francis who alerted them about his intention to go visit their Italian colleague in Caserta, and explained the reason: “To extend the apologies of the Catholic Church for the damage that has been done to them by obstructing the growth of their communities.[Why should the One True Church help heretical sects to grow?]

As the Argentine he is, Bergoglio has experienced first-hand the overwhelming expansion of the Evangelical and Pentecostal communities in Latin America, which continue to take enormous masses of faithful away from the Catholic Church. And yet he has made this decision: not to fight their leaders, but to make them his friends. [To allow the Catholics to apostatize to his friends' man-made religions]

This is the same approach that he has adopted with the Muslim world: prayer, invocation of peace, general condemnations of the evil that is done, but with careful attention to keep his distance from specific cases concerning precise persons, whether victims or butchers.

Even when the whole world mobilizes in defense of certain victims and everyone is expecting a statement from him, Francis does not abandon this reserve of his.

He did not speak a single word when the young Sudanese mother Meriam was in prison with her little children, sentenced to death only because she is Christian, although he received her once she was liberated thanks to international pressure. [Because that would "offend" Muslims]

He did not say anything on behalf of the hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram, in spite of the campaign promoted even by Michelle Obama with the slogan “Bring back our girls.” [Because that would "offend" Muslims]

He is silent on the fate of Asia Bibi, the Pakistani mother who has been in prison for five years awaiting an appeal against the verdict that has sentenced her to death with the accusation of having offended Islam. [Because that would "offend" Muslims]

And yet the campaign for the liberation of Asia Bibi sees the Catholic world everywhere highly engaged on her behalf, and at the beginning of this year a heartfelt letter was made public after she had sent it to the pope. Who did not respond to her. [Because that would "offend" Muslims]

They are silences that are all the more striking in that they are practiced by a pope who is known for his highly generous availability to write, to telephone, to bring aid, to open the doors to anyone who knocks, whether poor or rich, good or bad. [Because that would not help his goal in creating the One World Church]

For example, he had been criticized for being slow to meet with victims of sexual abuse committed by members of the clergy. But last July 7 he made up for this, spending an entire day with six victims brought to Rome from three European countries.

During those same days he took steps forward in the reorganization of the Vatican’s finances, with changes in leadership and the dismissal of the blameless president of the IOR, the German Ernst von Freyberg.

Inexplicably, in sixteen months of pontificate von Freyberg had never been able to obtain an audience with the pope.

But even more inexplicable is the “damnatio” that struck his predecessor Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, driven out in May of 2012 precisely for having pushed forward the work of housecleaning, and by none other than the main culprits of the misconduct.

His requests to Pope Francis to be received and listened to have never received a response.

This commentary was published in “L’Espresso” no. 31 of 2014, on newsstands as of August 1, on the opinion page entitled “Settimo cielo” entrusted to Sandro Magister.

Here is the index of all the previous commentaries:

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In the photo, Pope Francis in his private study at the residence of Santa Marta.

Cardinal Koch Laments the Silence Over the Persecution of Christians

From Eponymous Flower

Cardinal Laments the Silence Over the Persecution of Christians

Four out of five were Christians persecuted for religious reasons.
  Vatican City (kath.net/CBA)  I think we are silent too much,” Koch said in an interview with the Vatican newspaper “Osservatore Romano” (Sunday).  An estimated 80 percent of those persecuted for religious reasons are Christians, said the Swiss cardinal. There are now more Christians suffering persecution than in the days of the early church.
At the same time the Vatican Ecumenical Minister emphasized the importance of Christian martyrs for a rapprochement between the Christian denominations. They are “the seeds of ecumenism and the future unity”. The “ecumenism of suffering” will form the deepest foundation for the conversation between the confessions.

To Blog or not to Blog the Truth – that is the Question

Excerpts from Catholic Herald UK

… I [Dr William Oddie] look at my own blogging, and see that I perfectly exemplify of this. More and more, my heart just isn’t in it; and I blog less than I did. Now, increasingly, I feel that silence is all. Under Benedict, there was vigorously under way a glorious battle, an ongoing struggle, focused on and motivated by the pope himself, to get back to the Church the Council intended, a battle for the hermeneutic of continuity. It was a battle we felt we were winning.

… Now, we have a Pope who can be adored by such enemies of the Catholic Church as the arch abortion supporter Jane Fonda, who tweeted last week “Gotta love new Pope. He cares about poor, hates dogma.”

Read the entire lamentation at Catholic Herald UK.

In order to maintain the unity of the Church, today that loyalty is perhaps best expressed through silence

Excerpts from Fr. Ray Blake’s Blog

There was a solidity and certainty in Benedict’s teaching which made discussion possible and stimulated intellectual honesty, one knew where the Church and the Pope stood. Today we are in less certain times, the intellectual life of the Church is thwart with uncertainty.”

Certainty? Not any more! But indifferentism and syncretism will be hallmarks of the One World Religion headed by Francis. Conversion to the One Holy Catholic postolic Faith? Nah! Proselytism is solemn nonsense. What is Fr. Blake’s response?

“Most Catholics but especially clergy want to be loyal to the Pope in order to maintain the unity of the Church, today that loyalty is perhaps best expressed through silence.”

No, Father, speak the Truth! Don’t be like Adam who was silent while the serpent ravished his wife, Eve. Stand up and defend your Bride, Father, the Church.

Read it all there.

Do not forget: the silence of the just strengthens the enemies of God

3987-Message from Our Lady Queen of Peace transmitted in 05/28/2014

Dear children, this is the time of sorrows. Intensify your prayers and stand firm in the truth. Remain attentive to my appeals. The treasures that I gave can not be forgotten. Declare my messages and the Lord will reward you handsomely. I am your Mom and I suffer for what comes to you. You are heading towards a future of strife and divisions. Those chosen to defend the truth will retreat. Do not forget: the silence of the just strengthens the enemies of God. Courage. Love and defend the truth. This is the message I give you today in the name of the Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting Me to reunite with you here once more. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Be at peace.

Pedro Regis

Mary and Joseph’s silence

Mary and Joseph’s silence

I do not know if it would be better to join our hearts to Mary’s silence, or try to explain its merits in words. Indeed, there is nothing more striking than this, that after hearing the message delivered to her by the Angel, and receiving the Word in her womb, she listened to what everybody had to say, but remained silent.

She carried the Son of the Most High (…). What delight she must have felt in his presence! If John felt such a miraculous thrill inside his mother’s womb after being so close to Jesus, what peace and divine joy the Blessed Virgin Mary must have felt when the Holy Spirit conceived the Word in her own! (…).

And yet, she let everyone praise him, she heard the shepherds, she did not say a word to the Magi who came to adore her Son, she listened to Simeon and the prophetess Anna, and she opened her heart to Elizabeth only, Elizabeth who herself became a prophetess by the visit of Mary (…). Joseph, who had received such lofty messages from the angel and seen the miracle of the virginal birth, partly shared her silence and secret (…).

The great things that God accomplishes in his creatures naturally invite us to be silent; they cause in us a kind of shock, something divine that suppresses all words.

Le silence et l’admiration de Marie (The Silence and the Admiration of Mary)

What some Saints and Popes said about Silence on Moral Matters

Pope Felix III said: “Not to oppose error, is to approve it, and not to defend truth is to suppress it, and indeed to neglect to confound evil men, when we can do it, is no less a sin than to encourage them.”

Pope Leo I said: “He that sees another in error, and endeavors not to correct it. testifies himself to he in error.”

Pope St. Pius V said: “All the evils of the world are due to lukewarm Catholics.”

Pope St. Pius X said: “All the strength of Satan’s reign is due to the easygoing weakness of Catholics.”

St. Augustine said: “Medicinal rebuke must be applied to all who sin, lest they should either themselves perish, or be the ruin of others . . .  Let no one, therefore, say that a man must not be rebuked when he deviates from the right way, or that his return and perseverance must only be asked from the Lord for him.”

St. Catherine of Siena said: “We’ve had enough of exhortations to be silent!  Cry out with a hundred thousand tongues.  I see that the world is rotten because of silence.”

These saints do not agree that it is obsessive to promote morality doctrines.

Francis’ Deafening Silence

Excerpts from The Eye Witness

A brief overview of this curious phenomenon can be mentioned:

The Belgian government has just legalized the killing of children for some pretty vague reasons.  The reaction of the Pope: silence.

The Sodomite Juggernaut advances in nearly every sphere of life.  The Pope’s response: silence.

Pope Bergoglio is under the mistaken impression that if he ignores the problems battering the doors of Holy Church that they will just go away by themselves.  He prefers to mingle and breathe in sheeply scents.  In this I fear he is very sadly mistaken.  He may smell sheep but the Satanic forces smell blood.

While Francis fills his nostrils with the stench of the sheep we Catholics are smelling something else, something sulphuric, emanating from the Pit.  And the evil smell will grow and grow until God gives us not the Pope we deserve, but the Pope we desperately need.

[Indeed: Peter the Roman is not too much longer in coming]

Wherefore We may no longer be silent, lest We should seem to fail in Our most sacred duty

What a real Pope does according to St Pius X, Pascendi Dominici Gregis, 1.

The office divinely committed to Us of feeding the Lord’s flock has especially this duty assigned to it by Christ, namely, to guard with the greatest vigilance the deposit of the faith delivered to the saints, rejecting the profane novelties of words and oppositions of knowledge falsely so called. There has never been a time when this watchfulness of the supreme pastor was not necessary to the Catholic body; for, owing to the efforts of the enemy of the human race, there have never been lacking “men speaking perverse things” (Acts xx. 30), “vain talkers and seducers” (Tit. i. 10), “erring and driving into error” (2 Tim. iii. 13). Still it must be confessed that the number of the enemies of the cross of Christ has in these last days increased exceedingly, who are striving, by arts, entirely new and full of subtlety, to destroy the vital energy of the Church, and, if they can, to overthrow utterly Christ’s kingdom itself. Wherefore We may no longer be silent, lest We should seem to fail in Our most sacred duty, and lest the kindness that, in the hope of wiser counsels, We have hitherto shown them, should be attributed to forgetfulness of Our office.

Notice how Francis is silent or very quiet on so many moral issues of today? He doesn’t want us to be “obsessive” about them.