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Prophecy about these End Times, the time of the Great Tribulation

“Jesus, forgive me for the hurt I have inflicted upon Your Body, Your Word and Your Divinity.”

As Good Friday draws near, those who torment Me and try to wipe out all traces of Me will suffer greatly on that day

My dearly beloved daughter, it is My Desire that those who love Me, truly, make amends through the Gift of Reconciliation, during Holy Week. When you show Me true remorse for your sins, I will pour over you a special Gift of Acceptance, in accordance with My Holy Will. I urge you to trust in Me, at this time in history, like never before, because, if you listen carefully, I will be able to make My Word heard by all – including those who do not know Me at all. 

When I was hunted down by My enemies, they went to great lengths to discredit Me. They vented their rage at many poor innocents and tortured men they believed to be Me. They spread lies about My apostles, tried to discredit Me in many ways and went into fits of anger, when they could not physically assault Me. They would have killed Me, had they captured Me, before Good Friday – had I not protected Myself. Their hatred, their lies, the slander they spread about My Mission and their false accusations against Me, spread to every town and village, before the day when I was finally betrayed by one of My Own.

The venom, which poured forth from the mouths of My enemies, came from the serpent, who infested their souls. They imitated him in every way – they screamed in a violent rage against Me, although their accusations were false and meaningless. They spat at My apostles, tortured My disciples, as well as those unfortunate men they mistook for Me. They tried to turn others against Me, who had not heard of Me and spoke wicked things against those they could not convince to denounce Me. Every devil from the bowels of Hell tormented Me during My last weeks on Earth, when My Word had pierced the hearts of many and converted thousands.

When My Presence was at its strongest, the hatred intensified and the roars of those who opposed Me were like those, which come from wild animals. People who joined the groups of Pharisees, to inflict punishment upon Me, became just as bad as those who incited them into an evil rage upon My Character. I was accused of being unclean in Body and Soul. They said My Word came from unclean spirits. They said I bore false witness against Moses and that I was sent by the evil one to corrupt their souls. They ignored the Love that I spread, the conversion to love one another that I created amongst them and the miracles that I performed. While they chanted obscenities against Me, they stood tall and proud and, at the same time, they blasphemed against God, they declared they spoke in His Name. This is exactly how Satan deceives people. 

Those who blasphemed against Me, during My Crucifixion, do not live in My Kingdom, for they suffered the worst punishment. My Father will destroy anyone who says that I speak with the voice of Satan. So to those of you, who claim that My Voice is that of the evil one, know that your suffering will be worse than death. Your tongues will no longer spill out the venom Satan has placed within your souls; your eyes will no longer see, for it is only darkness that you desire – and so be it. Your ears will never hear the sweetness of My Voice, for you refuse to listen – and so be it. Your heart has no love and so no love will it ever feel, once you shut out the Love of God. Your words will be your downfall and when you accuse Me, your Lord God, Saviour and Redeemer of all mankind, of speaking evil – they will be heard no more. They will die.

My Anger at this time, against the hypocrites, who roam the world, pretending to come from Me, is beyond endurance and My Punishment will befall each of you, who spit at Me. Away from Me – you have little hold over Me. I will cast you away.

When I hear the screams of those possessed with the hatred of Satan in their souls dare to publicly declare their allegiance to Me, I feel sickened. They disgust Me and are no better than those who fought lots to hammer the first nail into My Body.

As Good Friday draws near, those who torment Me and try to wipe out all traces of Me will suffer greatly on that day. On that day, when you suffer My Pain, given to you to bring you to your senses, you will know that I Am calling you. I do this, not because you deserve one ounce of My Sympathy, but because I love you – despite everything. On that day, I ask you to call on Me as follows: 

“Jesus, forgive me for the hurt I have inflicted upon Your Body, Your Word and Your Divinity.”

I will respond and help you come to Me, with Love and Joy in My Heart.

Your Jesus

Man-made Viruses will bring great Pandemics which will Decimate the World Population


APRIL 14, 2014 – 8:10 a.m.


Little children of my heart, may God’s peace be with you.

The virus that scientists in the service of my opponent have created in laboratories will soon spread in the air [e.g. airborne AIDS] and bring great pandemics which will decimate the world population. The Third World nations, targeted by the kings of this world, will be decimated in their population after the war and shall be forced to submit to the New World Order.

All natural resources within those nations have kings who serve my adversary. You sons of the continent of hope, you shall be conquered by the great Babylon [European Union] of recent times. Your land will be usurped, confiscated and will be part of their territory. The people left in these nations will be subdued and enslaved as in the time of King Nebuchadnezzar.

The Great War will be harnessed to bring chaos to the nations and decimate much of humanity. Children, remember the natural medicines and recommendations we sent through our instrument Mary Jane Even [see also end-times remedies of Marie-Julie Jahenny, one site is here]. Have these ready when the pandemic breaks out, because they will save many lives. Everything is ready and planned by the kings of this world to begin the reign of slavery and death which begins the final time of my adversary [Great Tribulation].

Children, a computer called the Beast [in Belgium] is processing information of all mankind; this is intended to commence the implementation of the Microchip, which will divide the inhabitants of the earth [Revelation 13:16-17]. A few will remain steadfast and faithful to God, while the vast majority will keep fidelity to the prince of this world and will be marked with the mark of the beast to preserve and enjoy their property. His pride, ambition and denial of God causes them to lose their souls. He will enjoy three and a half years, which is the time of the last reign of my adversary. Divine justice shall erase him from the face of earth and he will burn eternally as straw.

Prepare, my children, for the arrival of Microchip, the mark of the beast, and you know that this is the seal with which my opponent will mark his flock. Under no circumstances should you get marked; it is better to die than to lose your soul. Heaven will not abandon the daily manna sent by my Father; just have faith and trust in the Lord; remain united in prayer and in love and you will lack nothing. Your Mother will guide you and show you the way to go every day. Fear not my children, my Father, in your walking towards eternity, will instruct many instruments to return to this world to guide you in the days of the great tribulation [Note: all the incorruptible saints will be resurrected to instruct us, such as St. Bernadette]. In each of my communities I will have an instrument [e.g. seer] that will receive instructions with the recitation of my Rosary and I, your Mother, will guide you in the darkness of those days.

My Holy Rosary is the compass that will lead you to the gates of the New Creation [Era of Peace]. Trust and pray intensely now that you may be prepared for those days where only prayer chains will be your strength and protection. Apart from God and prayer you will perish. By going out on the streets without wearing spiritual armor, you risk being attacked by evil forces and your life will be in danger. Anyone who takes on these spiritual forces of evil without the protection of heaven will be defeated and will lose his soul. Conform, little children, so that I do not wail because these instructions are ignored.

Your Mother loves you, Mary, Rosa Mystica.

Make known my message to all mankind.

Prophet Enoc

Never accept anything which casts doubt on Jesus’ Divinity

Mother of Salvation: Jesus was like you, in all things, except sin, for that would have been impossible

My dear child, seven fallen angels will attack this Mission and they will attempt to deceive God’s children from remaining true to His Remnant Army. They will appear to those who they deceive as being angels of the Light, when, in fact, they are anything but.

Satan’s power is very strong and his presence in the world is evident as he singles out all of his devotees, to encourage them to flaunt his presence. He does this through music, religions, which are not of my Son, Jesus Christ, and through those who pose behind so-called holy groups, who idolize the beast and his domain on Earth.

Children, you must always follow my Son, through all He taught during His Time on Earth. His Holy Word is sacrosanct and it is all that you need to know, if you are to follow His Path to Eternal Life. You must keep focused on your desire to gain Eternal Life and therefore live your lives as my Son has shown you. Never accept anything which casts doubt on His Divinity. The man who dares to declare untruths about my Son does not have the Gift of the Holy Spirit, and is therefore unworthy to define all that my Son is. 

My Son is your Divine Saviour, Who lowered Himself to become man. When He was born, the Word became Flesh and so Jesus Christ was a man, in every way. Jesus was like you, in all things, except sin, for that would have been impossible. The Son of God was sent to redeem humanity and save each of you from the death, which comes from enslavement to Satan. His Divinity is All-Powerful, All Good, All Impenetrable and to deny His Divinity is to deny the Power of God. When you do this, you are declaring your allegiance to the devil. 

Children, you must recite this Crusade Prayer and call on me your Mother to protect you from the deceptions which will be placed before you, in order to encourage you to deny the Power of God.

Crusade Prayer (146) Protection against deception

Dear Mother of Salvation, protect me with the Grace of protection against deceptions, created by Satan to destroy the faith of Christians. Protect us against those who are the enemies of God. Keep us safe from lies and heresy, used to weaken our love for your Son. Open our eyes to untruths, deception and every attempt we may encounter to encourage us to deny the Truth. Amen.

Thank you for responding to my call to warn you of the great deception, which will soon descend over my Son’s Church on Earth.

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

Satan is very active in trying to sway leadership towards his evil desires

April 12, 2014

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Last night, I asked all to be united during this upcoming Holy Week in prayer and sacrifice for the world leaders who follow evil inspirations. This is the gravest offense of My Mournful Heart. These are the ones who not only abuse their authority, but also compromise Truth to their own advantage. They easily mislead those who do not have discerning hearts. These are the misled ones who obey for obedience sake, without looking at what the fruits of their blind obedience will be. They obey title and do not scrutinize what is being accomplished through their obedience.”

“The history of the world is crammed full of such leaders. Therefore, My brothers and sisters, it is fair to say, during these times, Satan is very active in trying to sway leadership towards his evil desires. As children of the Light, have discerning hearts before you allow someone to have power over you.”

“The Seal of Discernment is offered here as protection against evil leadership. Use it.”

Mankind places his own will above the Will of My Father

April 11, 2014

“Jesus is here with His Mournful Heart exposed. He says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Look upon My Heart so ravaged by the sins of mankind – all based upon the compromise of Truth and the abuse of authority. Do you know why these sins are so rampant today? It is because mankind places his own will above the Will of My Father.”

“My Father’s Will is Truth itself. Satan can only use the heart that turns away from Truth. Then you have disunity and deception of every kind. My Heart mourns for those whom have allowed their hearts to be convoluted, as it suited them to do so. My Heart cries out for Justice.”

April 11, 2014

“Jesus is here with His Mournful Heart exposed. He says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My brothers and sisters, during this coming Holy Week, be united in your prayers and sacrifices for all those world leaders who are inspired by evil.”

“Tonight, I’m blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”

There is a popular trend in the world today to show tolerance towards sin

April 10, 2014

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The purpose of these Messages is to challenge untruth and to convict hearts. It is only in this Light of Truth, spiritual conversion can take place. There is a popular trend in the world today to show tolerance towards sin. This is evident in governments by the legal decisions that are reached concerning same-sex marriages, as well as abortion. Consider here the ‘morning-after’ pill made so readily available.”

“People do not realize or even care about the widening abyss that yawns wide between Heaven and earth. While they are intent on placating the sinner, people have no regard for appeasing My Mournful Heart. The very ones who should step in on behalf of the Truth have become compromised by trendy tolerance.”

“Always stand for the Truth. Always maintain a righteous sense of good versus evil. Your hearts, My brothers and sisters, must be balanced in Holy Love. Ask your angels to help you with this.”

Signs – every trace of My Face, My Cross, the saints and the Sacraments will disappear without a trace

My most esteemed Bishop will be the subject of a terrible miscarriage of justice

Thursday, April 10th, 2014 @ 17:22

My dearly beloved daughter, how My Heart is breaking because of the plight of My sacred servants and the difficult trials which they will have to face because of My enemies. My most esteemed Bishop will be the subject of a terrible miscarriage of Justice. Then, when he has been demonized, many of My sacred servants will be taken to task, should they dare to utter grievances against the new laws, which are not of Me and which they will have to witness being introduced into My Churches.

Many sacred servants will disappear and be imprisoned against their will. Others, who will have fled the enemy, will be hunted down and so they will need to plan for those days ahead, very carefully. It will not be long afterwards that the portrait of the antichrist will hang on every altar, while every trace of My Face, My Cross, the saints and the Sacraments will disappear without a trace. This dictatorship will be like those, which you have witnessed before, in nations where people are trampled upon. The worshipers in this, the new world religion, will be expected to bow before the image of the antichrist. These worshipers will bless themselves in front of this abomination, but it will not be the Sign of the Cross they will make – it will be by way of a hand signal. All those who bow to the beast will become his slave and they will turn on those who refuse to idolize him. They will betray even members in their own families and hand them over for punishment, such will be the power the beast will exert over them.

I will bequeath to each of you, and especially My sacred servants, a form of protection against the power of the beast and I will instruct you every step of the way, along this harrowing path. I will send you brave servants of Mine, loyal bishops, priests and other sacred servants – all of Me – who will continue to serve Me. They will be blessed with Gifts, which will help you to remain in Me and for Me, so that you will be able to endure this oppression, until the day I come to salvage My people and take them into My Kingdom. Do not fear these times, as they will not be difficult if you accept My Hand of Mercy and learn to trust in Me, completely. I Bless you today, in the Name of My Father and I bequeath to each of you My Strength, Courage and Resilience, for you will need these, if you are to remain true Christians, loyal to My Holy Word.

Your Jesus

My Son, Jesus Christ, will be betrayed by another Judas and one with great authority

Mother of Salvation: My Son, Jesus Christ, will be betrayed by another Judas and one with great authority

My dear child, when Judas Iscariot betrayed my Son, Jesus Christ, it had far reaching consequences. Because he was one of my Son’s closest allies, and as a member of His precious apostles, his betrayal was very painful for my Son. Because he, a traitor, came from within my Son’s Domain, this meant that doubts crept in amongst those who were unsure as to whether or not my Son was, indeed, the True Messiah. The doubts spread and many of His apostles and followers felt confused, lost and afraid. They knew that once He was seized by His enemies, the Truth would be questioned and then denied. They also knew that, were they to defend my Son publicly, they would also suffer and could have ended up having to endure the same punishment meted out to Him. They knew also that they would not have had the courage to stand defiantly against His enemies, for fear of ridicule.

So, will the betrayal of my Son, from within His Church on Earth be the same. My Son will be betrayed by another Judas and one with great authority, from within His Church on Earth. When this, the second greatest betrayal, since Judas Iscariot sold my Son for thirty pieces of silver, takes place, it will make people of every race, nation and Christian faith, question the Truth. This betrayal will also have far reaching consequences, because it will bring into question every single aspect of my Son’s Divinity. When this happens, the Truth will collapse. In its place, a corpse will be raised up, rotten to the core, without any sign of life. A dead doctrine will be raised and dressed up with all the false attributes associated with my Son, but it will bear no fruit. Yet, it will seem like a new conversion.

True conversion comes from people’s love for God, powered by the Gift of the Holy Spirit and by their own free will. This new doctrine will be foisted upon the world, without your free will. Reject it and you will be punished by my Son’s enemies.

Those who betray my Son in the final days will have no life. Those who don’t betray Him will live forever in the Glory of God. 

Your beloved Mother

Mother of Salvation

There will be great persecution of God’s people, but the victory is yours

3964 – Message from Our Lady Queen of Peace, transmitted in Goiania . transmitted in 04/08/2014

Dear children, I am your Mom and I want to see you happy already here on earth and later with Me in heaven. Do not live in sin. Repent and be reconciled to God. Do not let the darkness of the devil distance yourselves from the Lord. Now is the opportune time for your return. Do not put off until tomorrow what you have to do today. God is in a hurry. Accept My appeals. I do not want to obligate you, but be attentive to My appeals. Be filled with hope. Put your confidence in Jesus. In Him is your salvation. He delivers you to eternal existence. You live in a time of great spiritual trials. When you feel the weight of the cross, do not back out. You are not alone. I’ll always be near you, though do not see Me. Humanity is sick and needs healing. Difficult days are coming for the men and women of faith. There will be great persecution of God’s people, but the victory is yours. Courage. I love you as you are. Hear me. This is the message I give you today in the name of the Holy Trinity. Thank you for permitting Me to reunite with you here once more. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Be at peace.

Prophet Pedro Regis

Just as satanic worship involves symbols, these traitors of Mine will taunt Me, by placing such wicked symbols of the devil before Me

You will know these traitors by their symbolic gestures, which insult My Divinity

My dearly beloved daughter, those who are My enemies are not those who do not believe in Me. No, they are the ones who know well Who I Am, but who hate Me. Not all of them understand why they hate Me, but they can be divided into two camps.

The first group dislikes the Truth. They enjoy participating in sinful pursuits, justify every wicked deed and act, and satisfy only their own lusts, at the expense of others’ needs. They care only for themselves and imitate every trait of the devil. Then, there are those who know Who I Am and What I Am, but who completely reject Me, in favour of Satan, under whose spell they have become entrapped. These are the people who will do, not only everything which is the opposite to what I taught them, but who will always insult Me, at every opportunity.

Just as satanic worship involves symbols, these traitors of Mine will taunt Me, by placing such wicked symbols of the devil before Me. For every ritual they participate in, in order to worship Satan, they will desecrate My Cross and everything to do with My Passion. You will know these traitors by their symbolic gestures, which insult My Divinity. Soon, those of you with eyes that can see the Truth will be able to distinguish between those who truly serve Me and those who do not. 

Those sacred servants who are loyal to Me, will honour Me during Holy Week, by their humble gestures, including lying prostrate before My Holy Cross and placing their lips with a sealed kiss upon My Feet. Their focus will be all about Me, Jesus Christ, My death on the Cross and My Promise to redeem man from sin. But know this. From Holy Week, this year, the cracks will appear and the meaning of My Crucifixion will be twisted. New interpretations will be presented before the faithful and lies will pour forth from the mouths of My enemies. My Passion will be mocked in subtle ways and will not be immediately apparent. But when the focus moves from My death on the Cross and when strange gestures take place in My Churches, you will know that this is the beginning of the dismantling of My Church on Earth. 

When Satan attacks humanity, his first focus will always be on the family, because the family represents all that is of My Father. He will destroy marriages, change the meaning of what marriage is, encourage abortion, seduce people into committing suicide and he will divide and break up families. Then he will destroy and break up My Family – My Church on Earth, for that is what he swore he would do to Me at the final hour. He has already begun to dismantle My Church and he will not stop, until it has collapsed in a heap at My Feet. My Father has permitted a destroyer, in the form of the antichrist, to do this, but only so far can he go. My Church is My Family and, while a large proportion of God’s children will leave to follow a restructured false church, many will still cling to Me and so My Church – My Body – cannot die.

Please do not desert Me, My beloved followers. You must not succumb to this deviousness. If you love Me, you must remind yourselves of everything that I taught you. Accept nothing new, when it comes to My Holy Word. I will never condone one Word that did not come from My Sacred Lips. Nor should you. You are either for Me or against Me. Accept any new interpretation of My Word, which is contained in Holy Scriptures, and you will betray Me. Once you do this, you will swallow a whole new doctrine, which will destroy your soul. I love you and if you truly love Me you will always remain loyal to My Word, which will never change.

Anyone who says that he comes in My Name – be he a sacred servant, a leader in My Church or a prophet – and declares My Word to be a lie, is not of Me.

Your Jesus