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Pope Confesses He Stole Priest’s Cross from Casket

Pope Francis has made a confession — and it’s a doozy. He stole another priest’s rosary cross right from his casket.

The pontiff said the cross belonged to a clergyman known as “the Great Confessor” of Buenos Aires because he had heard the sins of most of the city’s diocesan priests and even Pope John Paul II when he visited Argentina.

When the man died, Francis was arranging roses around his casket when he saw the rosary in his hand.

“And immediately there came to mind the thief we all have inside ourselves and while I arranged the flowers I took the cross and with just a bit of force I removed it,” he told a group of priests Thursday, according to the Associated Press.

“And in that moment I looked at him and I said ‘Give me half your mercy.'”

Francis keeps the cross in a little pouch under his cassock, he said.

“And whenever a bad thought comes to mind about someone, my hand goes here, always,” he said, gesturing to his heart. “And I feel the grace, and that makes me feel better.”


  1. donnaliane72

    You have to be joking! He took a dead mans rosary? Yanked it out of his hands? Surely not. That’s awful! How can he feel grace from that? I’m horrified and repulsed (yet again). Worst of all is that he doesn’t even seem to care; that he justifies his sin! Any excuse made for sin is Satan himself, no matter how small. What next?!


  2. hopeful_watcher

    Wow, my shock isn’t that he stole a cross from a deadman. My shock is that he still has it and feels grace from it. It’s not his to keep. He is still an unrepentant thief.

    He could of took this opportunity to talk about how all fall short of the glory of God and how His grace extends to all those who repent of their sin. Instead he justified his sin by stating grace is extended without repentance. Yikes!!

    He should have went to this priest’s family and returned it and asked off their forgiveness and then pray to God for forgiveness. Then he could touch his heart for the grace he received from repentence, not for possessing some item from someone who was merciful. He treats the priest’s cross as an idolatrous trinket.


  3. I just can not comprehend that he doesn’t see that he committed a grave sin. First of all: STEALING FROM THE DEAD!!! And, secondly speaking proudly about this like a GOOD THING to do… If he thinks, he did something good and positive, that’s mean he’d never confessed this as a theft. He somehow feels entitled to that. Is this a self-righteous conscience? Does it mean that he himself decide what is good and what is evil? How this is even possible with a POPE ??? !!!

    P.S. Judas was a thief and he probably never felt that he is mismanaging Jesus’ funds, according to the Bible.


  4. “Judas was a thief and he probably never felt like he was mismanaging…” Oyster, what an astute comment. That is precisely what pride and arrogance does to human conscience. It justifies moral indiscretions and errors. Suddenly even the “Freudian slip” of Francis comes into more certain light. But the parallel between Bergoglio and Judas however goes much deeper. It goes into witchcraft and a sell out to Lucifer.
    The revelations to Maria Valtorta on the Life and ministry of Our Lord reveal an astounding account of Judas, his practice of the white arts and witchcraft with the Temple rulers all associated with his lust for power and wealth. His desire to be with Jesus was motivated by personal ambition and with the thought that Jesus was using the same powers that he had seen and that his association with Him was his best chance to obtain his objectives.

    Bergoglio has sold himself out long ago to the same evil powers for his own personal advancement mistaking as did Judas the Holy powers of God in another man and his crucifix with his “light” of Lucifer. It was in Argentina in 1970 where his sell out to Lucifer for advancement in the Church and ultimately the papacy becomes undeniable. For cooperating with the CIA backed military junta that overthrew the elected government of Peron, in which he turned over some of his own priests to their death squares, he, according to witnesses, was promised advancement in the Church and ultimately the papacy! He has been given both, first as head of the Jesuit order and finally the papacy! (Any doubt about the power of the CIA?) In Argentina he has been charged by the families of these priests with this and other war crimes. He has also been charged in an international European court of child and baby trafficking relating to the children of the tens of thousands that were murdered in what has been called the “dirty war.” An International court has announced it is going to be trying Bergoglio on March 31 of this year for child trafficking.

    Bergoglio is no infidel, no atheist. But he is no worshiper of the true God or of the true Christ. These are convenient words that have only symbolic meaning as they are to all Masons of the highest levels. Remember his exchange with the atheist editor Eugenio Scalfari last summer: “Jesus is my teacher and my pastor, but God, the Father, Abba, is THE LIGHT and the Creator. THIS IS MY BEING. Do you think we are very far apart?” Every 33 degree mason knew what Bergoglio meant by “THIS IS MY BEING” after his clear reference to deity! But so should every Christian! IT’S PRECISELY WHAT SATAN PROMISED EVE “YOU SHALL BE AS GOD /ELOHIM (BOTH LIGHT AND CREATOR).” HE PROMISED THAT THE DIVINE WOULD BECOME EVE’S VERY “BEING”! FRANCIS IS A LUCIFERIAN AS WAS JUDAS ISCARIOT, THEIR OWN GOD.


  5. David, the only problem is how to prove that his papal throne is given to him by CIA and Masons? It is easy to speak about it, but to my knowledge THERE IS NO DEFINITIVE PROOF…

    But, all is happening by the permission from GOD, so He can clean his church from the chaff…


    • The strongest proof would not come from witnesses overhearing some back room dealings or leaked communications, though from what I have read such witnesses are available. It would come from noticing who the one being promoted works for. There was no doubt who he worked for in Argentina, and it certainly was not for the great masses of Catholics in Argentina, who vastly opposed the military junta! Bergoglio was the military junta’s chief consultant “for the Church” and nothing of their agenda got past him. The continuity of this death dealing agenda (30,000 deaths) has not had any interruption since in his advocacy among his bishops of approving same sex unions, allowing homosexual couples to adopt children and have them baptized in the Church which actually dedicated them to Satan; his destruction of the Latin Mass in Buenos Aires where it was in high demand; and now in the purposed incitement of the enemy both within and without the Church on nearly every from to rise up in the Church and in his own words “make a mess!” With this and the confusion he is creating how can anyone not see he is working for the same New World Order international crime syndicate empowered by the Luciferian Illuminati that he worked for in Argentina?

      How would the CIA control the election of a pope. It has become increasingly easy over the past 55 years. It started long ago with Vatican powers under the Secretary of States limiting the candidates for papal office to those who they could either fully agree with or those they thought they could control. Then they could threaten any other candidate to bow out as they did in 1958. Threats, bribes and blackmail are also used. After a murder of one pope and the attempt on another what good man would even want the job? Benedict, elected as a liberal who turned conservative after 8 years, and threats of suits based on false charges and death threats, sure didn’t! So at least in his quiet resignation he is holding off the arrival of the Anti-Christ until he is himself eliminated in the coming violent revolution in Rome.


      • Does it really make more sense to say that all of the sudden the CIA took control of the process of electing popes, a process supposedly guarded by God according to normative RCC teaching (you Sedavanticist)…or to just admit that the papacy has always been an illegitimate institution created by Roman Emperors not by God?


        • Once again you show your ignorance of holy things db2. He stole it because he knew it had powers given to it by heaven and by blessed consecrated hands. You have never seen exorcisms using the crucifix? The demons hate it. Will it work for Bergoglio, absolutely not, though he thinks it will. It will blind him further by its power (God is in charge) You claim to believe the Bible but on account after account you come up short. Are you really ignorant of Acts 19:12? of 2 Kings 13:21? of the brazen serpent? Amazing!


        • Your ignorance again is astounding and on the most obvious biblical facts. You would argue with Christ Himself for saying that even though Satan had finally overtaken the Jewish Temple system that this was still His ordained system, as indeed He proved by His Temple observances during His life and by his words to the Samaritan woman. Further you show your ignorance of the specific promise of protection to the Church. It was ultimately to the chair of Peter! Further it was to be to “the end of the age.” Benedict’s passing will conclude the end of the age, or the “Times of the Gentiles,” and that has been pointed out to you several times specifically in 2 Thess. 2:7 or is that also unclear to you yet? Have you ever admitted learning one thing from all you have read on these posts?

          Finally, could you possibly be so dense headed as to think we believe Francis is a true pope or is it you are just an insolent self-absorbed wantabe that has nothing better to do but try to disturb the souls of the readers of these blogs with your deceitful impious barbs? And with that insulting remark you made to that atheist on another post for which you had to be rebuked by Remnant Clergy I believe you are an agent of Satan for which I rebuke you the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. You are are deceitful destroyer of souls not a redeemer. May God deal with you as He sees fit. Lord, teach this soul this site is no game!


          • “Benedict’s passing will conclude the end of the age,…”

            I see you’ve bought into the “end of the age” nonsense from the New World Order Bible translations, rather than “end of the world.” Yes, absolutely, Benedicts passing will be the end of the old world order and the beginning of the New World Order, or it may happen a little earlier even. Its not at all tied to Benedict in fact. Its just something that’s going to happen soon. And it has nothing to do with the Bible’s “the end of the world.” But the antichrist wants you to think that when the New Age, the New World Order begins, that Christianity ends. Jesus said in your NWO translation “I will be with you always, even to the end of the Age.” So when the NWO starts, Jesus is not longer with you, right? Of course not, since your Vatican II church will have merged with the WCC both of which will have you attending a liturgy consisting of medicinemen doing pagan dances (JPII started that) and Hindus and Budhists praying to their idols, and witches worshiping the devil himself. Jesus will no longer be with you, because you thought the RCC was legitimate and bought into the NWO deception, and lost Him. But for the true Christian, we know these things are only “the beginning of sorrows” (Matt 24:8 good translation) while for you NWO followers, these things are “the beginning of birth-pangs” (Matt 24:8 NWO translations). Because they are the beginning of the birth pangs of your One World Religion.


  6. Sounds like he literally thinks the guy’s mercy was in the little cross itself, so that when he stole it he got half of his mercy. Not only a thief, but a superstitious one too.

    “Criminals are a superstitious cowardly lot, they plot and plot but they always get caught…a superstitious cowardly lot!!!!!” (Batman the Musical from Batman Beyond)


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