Francis’ New “Beast Cross”

Have a look at this photo of Francis with a new cross.

[UPDATE 2: see the new Beast Mass Book]

[UPDATE: see also the new Papal Cross based on this model, created by a sculptor who has a snake tattoo.]

[See also his newer Ying Yang Cross.]

[Francis also disses Our Lady and the Rosary]

new cross

The original image is here:

There is a prophecy about this:

A New Form of the Cross will be Introduced (Tuesday, April 30th, 2013)


Cast scorn upon My Word now, and you will weep tears when these acts are brought before you. Soon, not long afterwards, the garments worn by My sacred servants, will be altered and a new form of the Cross will be introduced. The new atrocity will not be based on the simple cross. Instead it will feature, discreetly, the head of the beast.

I ask you to gather My holy Crosses now and keep them in your homes, along with Holy Water. I urge all of you to hold onto the Truth of what I have told you. Then I want you to trust in Me completely. Never believe that I Am leaving you at the mercy of the evil one. I will remain close to you at all times. I will pour special blessings on the heads of My beloved, loyal sacred servants to keep them entwined with My Sacred Heart.

How might this be the head of the beast? Have a look at this photo:

Analysis of New Cross

The upside down “arrow” is commonly the goat head – the devil – with his two horns.

This type of cross can please all the man-made religions since Jesus Christ is not on it.

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  1. Gayan Fernando

    he.. he.. he.. Mind you DSN, I never used the F word. The word I used was “bullshit” and ironically the administrator of this blog found it offensive, he doesn’t find the word “dumb ass” used by DSN so offensive. That tells the whole story about the people who are handling this blog..

    • DeusServoNobis

      Well the word bullshit is pretty straight forward and bit more abrasive compared to dumbass I would think when using it in the context of claiming what someone says is false. Dumbass can be considered to be a stupid donkey depending on the way you take it ya know. Given though that I actually did mean it in the context of a person who acts mean towards others in a stupid, arrogant and ignorant manner. It’s all about the thought and intentions you put behind what you say that determines what you are actually trying to say and the nature of it. People misunderstand what others say all the time because words mean different things to different people a lot which results in miscommunications that usually spark arguments. If I said F you to someone though I just say the letter F as supposed to the actual word itself, it’s still meant in an offensive manner which would make it a sin. If I dropped something on my foot and yelled out the actual F word, is it still then a sin? That word can be used as an expression as well as an insult just as the word shit can be used. So when I said F word F word F word on my other post, did I actually mean the actual F word or was I just the letter F followed by word? Just depends on what the individual is thinking get it? Think about that for a minute or so.

      Anyhow, pointing out petty BS (<– see that?) like people cursing, is more along the lines if trying to make yourself out to be better then others in some pointless petty way. In other words just glorifying oneself and placing yourself on a high horse. Nor does it really make what someone says not credible just because the person decides to use curse words. In reality, nobody is better then anyone else though we can know better. In the end we are all sinners who need God in order we be saved from our sins. You going around calling others satanist here which I know that even you deep down realize is not true, is great offense because you pass judgment on others. We are told to judge peoples actions which is what God tells us to do, not the person which should be solely left to God. When it comes to people like you, I am purely judging your actions and the things you say which can be considered your actions. You on the other hand, judge the people to be satanist when nobody here has said or done anything to lead people to believe that they are in fact satanist who practice that evil religion. Notice I have never called you or anyone else a satanist though I say certain people serve the devil's will which is a case that happens quite a bit with humans. An atheist sides with the devil and serves satan's will beyond that persons own knowledge see? Are they satanist though? No of course not. Are you a satanist Gayan? No, I don't believe you are but do you serve the will of the devil by trying to create conflict and division amongst Christians as you go around pointing the finger at whoever you think is a satanist because they don't believe what you do? Yea, quite a bit I'd have to say.

      Now do you understand where others and myself are coming from when we reply to your offensive comments and false accusations? Are you that surprised by how people react to the things you post here? You can see how the church is already divided now, so going on about how people are trying to cause division amongst Christians here is pretty pointless don't you all think? If you are a real Christian and not some globalist lackey Gayan, it would do you well to find a higher level of understanding when dealing and communicating with others. God can actually help with that quite a great deal so maybe you should pray to him a bit about that. Also as a side note, you need to lighten up before your arteries harden guy.

      • If it walks like a duck and quakes like a duck looks like a duck acts like a duck then it is obvious it is indeed a duck. When you walk around with inverted crosses rape children process a vow of poverty yet live like a king and are in control of trillions and trillions protect pedaphiles hang around with satanic creeps not enough years of endless blasphemy then I will call Satan just like id call duck. Wake up and stop buying into political correct ness. What are you worried about being inpolite to a devil worshiper.

  2. Jesus never forced anyone by the threat of death to follow him! Read “The Bad Popes.”

  3. It grieves me to have to say this but reading these personally attacking posts between Gayan and DSN tells me why the most passionate prayer our Lord ever prayed before He went to the Cross has never been answered in the Church at large, that “those who believe on Me . . .that they all be one . . . that the world may believe that Thou hast sent Me.” You both might wish to listen to Carroll Cromer’s reproof of you both and ask yourselves if either of you are serving the cause of Christ. DSN in particular, who are so adamant in your defense of MDM and her messages are you living them? If you have read those pertaining to Our Lord’s passion for the greatest of sinners how does this stack up with you verbal treatment of Gayan? And Gayan, you who glory in your ability to recognize holiness in Francis, where is that holiness in your abuse of those who strongly differ with you when there is so very many reasons presented even on this post why we are at the brink of the fulfillment of what many others besides MDM have warned of when the Man of Sin himself will sit in the Holy Place. And DSN have you not read MDM who related that many even holy Catholics will initially reject these messages and even persecute those who defend them? Gayan has been lost in the dark because of years of inadequate teaching but you say you believe in MDM, then please let the messages change your heart before trying to teach others. You are both dear brothers to me and our Lord!

    • DeusServoNobis

      Again, I don’t follow the messages Maria gives out as closely as some people choose to. I only see what my mom shows me here and there when I visit, then I take a look at current events along with the state of the world before I decide if what Maria say’s is true or not. I ask God about it too which is when I usually make a final conclusion on anything that any human says. I do this with everything. I don’t believe something because someone claims it’s the truth or because I am told to by some establishment, be it from the church or any government as well as the television or newspapers. Honestly most of my time is dedicated to more fruitless ventures and the studying of supernatural evil forces then following Maria’s prophecies. By the way, why not just call her Maria instead of MDM or whatever? She seems like she deserves a bit more respect then being busted down to MDM like it’s label for some kind of product or other. Plus Maria sounds a lot prettier then MDM ya know… More graceful to which in my eyes, she is full of God’s grace to be able to do what she does. Anyhow before I go off on another one of my pointless rants, my focuses are more towards the studying and understanding of supernatural forces which I think we will soon see a lot more of the closer we get to the appointed time. One day soon in the near future, I think it will come down to where these evil forces will interact with humans right out in the open on this plane of existence as they try to pose as something else. Aliens pretending to be the saviors of humanity to be exact. So forgive me if my focuses are more set on that then the practice of prim and proper conduct when dealing with others. I am getting myself ready for the true battle to come and let me tell you now, It is going to be something fierce.

      For the most part though, it really does look like what Maria tells us is true so I will defend it like a ravenous mad dog that shows no quarter because it’s the Lord’s truth. It’s just how I am and it’s how I will go to God on the day of my judgement, as I am which is what God told us to do. I do not try to pretend to be something I am not nor will I ever because I am the way God made me and raised me to be. Though there is always room for improvement of course which is something I work on daily being that I am still a sinner. I said I am a Christian, not a saint nor do I try to make it out as if I am some kind of holy prophet because I am not. So don’t expect me to always act nice or speak in a polite manner. I am just a human full of iniquity as well as the rest of us in the eyes of our creator. I am not here as a teacher either. Just a random nobody who is posting his opinion on the matter as well as other things I have found on other certain subjects. Again, don’t believe what I said just because I said it but go out and do the research for yourselves or pray to God about it. The harder satan and his minions push their agenda and deceptions, the more fierce I will become during this scuffle so sorry for that before hand. If you think me to be crude and brash now from what I have posted here, well you ain’t seen nothing yet. I have actually held back my more offensive and abrasive personality for the most part since I started coming here. So I am trying Dave. The more the clock winds down though, the more intense I will become. It’s who I am for what I need to do here before I die.

    • DeusServoNobis

      I should have also mentioned that yes, my pointless arguments with Gayan are somewhat self serving in a way and not everything I post fully serves God as it should. I admit that I do find it amusing or entertaining at times when replying to Gayan’s scornful and accusing comments, or when I try explaining something or mention something about francis. I also admitted that I joke around a bit too much and what I post or the way I post my comments is meant to make people laugh a bit. It’s my weak attempt to lighten up the mood here and there cause everyone seems all stressed out or something all the time. What’s bad about that though is I do it to get a laugh myself as well, which is where it goes wrong pretty much. That’s where the self serving thingy comes ya know? It’s also why I said I need to watch it when I do things like that before it does become sinful, if it hasn’t already in that sense. So sorry about that everyone and sorry I am poking fun at you Gayan. For the most part I am joking around when it comes to guys like you but you do leave yourselves open for that. You guys also kind of ask for it and invite it with the things you guys post with the whole ridiculous satanist thing you got going on over there.

      For a awhile here, I didn’t know what you guys actually meant when saying MDM. I had to look around to find the meaning behind that acronym you guys use. I understand the nature behind the name Maria of divine mercy now though I think. So these warnings are pretty much coming from Maria, the mother of Jesus Christ through a woman of very strong and devout faith right? Hence the name chosen and used when releasing these message also, kind of like when she spoke through those girls in Fatima? I guess you can call it a one of possible experience you can have when you are in the spirit as they say.

      This may sound weird to you, but it concerns possession. Just as demons can possess people who are far gone into a sinful lifestyle and have weak wills due to that, angels can possess people when their will is strong and their faith In God are of true grade. A person who has or now commits little to no sin throughout their lives and are saved by the blood of Christ. Like children who are still young, usually baptized and come from religious families I think, or possibly people like holy men of God or Nuns even? Basically that person has to be in the right condition spiritually with very strong faith to experience what I call a positive possession or to receive visions given to them by God. Just like how people can be possessed by demons when under the right condition in a sense.

      Usually the demons find a sinful tendency or focus point in a person which is like having the door cracked open in where they can begin to make their way in. They break down the persons will through addictions of any kind that are sinful in nature or thoughts and actions of a sinful nature that a person frequently exercise throughout their daily lives. Once the will is broken down far enough, that is when possession of the demonic kind can take place. They actually possess the persons will, not the actually persons body itself which is why the constant wearing down of a potential victims will occurs. They even use other people around the victim who are open to their influence to drive a the victim into that state of being so that possession can take place. From what I learned, they seek to possess people because they hide inside the persons will which is actually a big part of a persons soul. It has to do with them fearing the sight of God who is ever watchful and sees all that they do. So they try to find somewhere to mask themselves which is unfortunately in the will of a person.

      An exorcism is impossible unless part of the persons will is still their own and they consent to the exorcism or deliverance if you want to call it by another name. The goal of the demon is to take control of that persons will completely which is called a perfect possession in the world of exorcism. In where we find that the victim no longer has control over his will whatsoever and their spirit no longer present for the most part. All that remains in the skin suit is the spirit of the possessing demon and at that point, no rite of exorcism, presence of holy articles, exposure to things such as holy water, or even the name of Jesus Christ will have effect on the victim. They can sit in church, speak of God, hold a job, write a blog, pet your dog or take a jog and appear to act like anyone else. Though they are no longer human anymore really. I suspect that the actual persons soul goes to a place of torment or to purgatory perhaps in cases like this but I’m not sure really. All I can really say on how to spot a person like this is to look in their eyes, feel the air around you and focus on how the persons presence makes you feel. Most of all, pray to God. Usually you can catch a sort of lifeless look of malice in their eyes or an unearthly chill when they walk past you. When they talk or interact with you, you may feel a sense of underlining hatred and loathing towards you. Best stay clear of them if you ever run into one.

      In the case of positive possession as I refer to it as, the focus point I would think would be the persons faith. A strong will must be present in the person because your will is who you are. Them being strong people of God as God made them and realizing this, is part being under the right condition. In this kind of experience or any that are of good nature and come from God, a person remains who they are and still have control over their own will because it is strong and faithful. Angels and demons can also possess animals at times too depending on those set of conditions. Of course you all know that this phenomenon can occur by now if you read through the New Testament. It seems demons do this attempts to try to hide from the sight of God but are unable to because animals do not have souls like humans. Whoa, I just went way off on this one didn’t I? I just get like that sorry…

      To wrap it up though, Mary or Maria who is the Mother of Christ isn’t an Angel but she is the mother of God. So she is actually above the angels hence the possibility for her to speak through people of devout faith and practice or even take possession of them in a sense. She is granted such authority and power being the mother of Jesus Christ I would think. Which is what I am starting to think is the case with MDM as you call her. These messages are actually coming from the Holy Mother using the moniker MDM which these messages are posted over the internet with right? I think that this is a very strong possibility concerning this phenomenon we are seeing with Maria or the woman who Mary is speaking through. Amazing…

      I should stop now though…

      • donnaliane72

        I must tell you DeusServoNobis; DISENGAGE now with you know who. I feel it is urgent to tell you. Please.

  4. Gayan Fernando

    Oh funny DSN, your contradictory ways of speaking makes me lough from the back end of my mouth. Don’t stop. Carry on the work of your master the devil. But mind you I’ll not leave you at peace. You are good joker. Congratulation man.. Why not ask for character in a comedy film..

    • DeusServoNobis

      Doesn’t it? Makes me laugh too guy so I’m happy for ya hehehe. Anyhow, to Donnaliane. No worries k. I figured this guy will be going on and on for some time to come still with the whole you’re all satanist trip he’s going on, so I decided to let him have at it all he wants. I came to that decision during the last post I put in this thread actually. I don’t even pay attention to any of the nonsense he says anyhow so don’t worry about any more bickering between us. Thanks for your concerns and I hope you and your family are doing well too. 8]

      • donnaliane72

        Thank you DSN. We are all well! I hope your family is too; esp that mother of yours who loves you so! I’m glad you were listening to the inspiration of angels, because at the time I suddenly got a real feeling of evil present and that I had to tell you that, for your own sake. But you had obviously already been told by a higher source! One thing I’ve learnt from Jesus is to fight evil with love and humility ( the latter being difficult to muster at times I’m afraid). The devil can’t stand it and he can’t compete. Also silence is a weapon when attacked, just as Jesus before his accusers. Lastly that we need to love all souls ( and I mean all) fervently as God wishes not one to be lost to Satan, in this battle. Yep that’s hard, but His grace is never far from those who truly love Him.

      • DeusServoNobis

        Yea I know what you mean about an evil presence Donna, I got that feeling too at the time actually. It became increasingly apparent that the power of evil has been trying to expand it’s reach here for some time now, to cause more division and petty strife amongst the followers of our Heavenly Father. I don’t want to point fingers but Gayan or whatever his real name is, seems to be the foot hole in which the evil is forcing it’s way in through on this thread sorry to say. The moment he showed up here, he was already trying to spark arguments by throwing around his signature insult of you’re all satanist as we all know he does. I knew back then that this site is likely being monitored at all times and is under attack due to the nature of the information it contains. A strong indication that the information provided here holds enough truth that it frightens a few very powerful and evil men who are pawns of the devil. It scares them enough to get them to send their jack booted thugs here to cause disruption and I am sure they spare no expense to try to control this information. I would bet my left foot that even ol’ franny himself is keeping a close eye on this website as well as his master satan.

        Knowing that and me being the person that I am. I feel compelled to always go head to head with the likes of them in situations like this. Every time evil and injustice shows it’s ugly rotten face, it’s like I can’t stop myself sometimes. I swear, I always get stuck with it… In real life and even over the internet which I find a bit ridiculous. It happens here more then it does in real life actually because all the cowardly morons can hide behind a computer and keyboard. Which is exactly why it is so ridiculous. We are in a spiritual war here though if you all haven’t noticed. I just have to make sure I don’t fall further into their trap then I allow myself to be. That’s why I usually take a break from it all from time to time while they take the bait.

        The demons work hard through their human pawns to try to destroy God’s truth wherever it may exist. As I said, we are in an massive spiritual war that has spilled into every aspect of human life during these final days. Some of you have no idea of the true extent of the demons influences over people and what they are able to do to us humans to complete their objectives. The people of God who profess their true faith will always be attacked the most and I see this happening here as well as everywhere else these days. So you all can’t expect me to stand down in the face of all this evil. The best I can do is to show a bit of reserve when dealing with people that are under their influence but you should all realize by now that it goes beyond the person, which is where I take the fight. It looks like I am fighting with the person but it’s their masters that I am really talking to.

        You guys should check out a couple books named Demons an Eyewitness Account and Placebo by a Christian pastor named Howard Pittman. You can also find audio files of these on Youtube. You will learn a good deal about how the kingdom of the devil works and how to better protect yourselves from him and his agents. A lot of what Howard Pittman talks about are things I have either encountered myself or things that I have read from other books written by ordained Exorcist which leads me to believe that the information in those books are true. A good video to watch that is a combination of both books is on this link that follows.
        Check that out and I promise you that you will learn a great deal from it.

        • donnaliane72

          Yes, I agree with everything that you have said. I have some learning to do in that area, for sure. Reckon I’ll see you at Armageddon. But it’s Christmas Eve here now so I’m napping before midnight mass tonight. Praying you have a holy, joyful Christmas and prepare well for all the battles ahead! God bless you DSN.

  5. Gayan Fernando

    May be he cannot bear up the bitter truth. Mind you the devil gives up when it is addressed by its very name. Hope you know this. May God bless you..

    • Remnant Clergy

      Gayan, Do you accept this heresy? Francis says ” Evangelii Gaudium #161: Along with the virtues, this means above all the new commandment, the first and the greatest of the commandments, and the one that best identifies us as Christ’s disciples: “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you” (Jn 15:12).”

      Jesus says otherwise in the infallible Bible: “Master, which is the greatest commandment in the law? Jesus said to him: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart, and with thy whole soul, and with thy whole mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment. And the second is like to this: Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments dependeth the whole law and the prophets. (Matthew 22:36-40)”

      God first, man second, right Gayan?

    • DeusServoNobis

      Don’t get too ahead of yourself there slick. I been busy with other things and hadn’t checked this site in the last couple weeks. The only thing I given up on is you really. That’s entirely in God’s hands now I hope. You are a funny little man though aren’t you? 8]

  6. Gayan Fernando

    Oh common Remnant Clergy.. May I first ask you to reveal your actual name without playing hide and seek. Please just don’t take what Pope says out of context. Don’t you know that the same Lord said: “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter” (Mt. 7:21). The will of His Father is that you love one another as He loved us. In Matthean Gospel the two criteria for judgement are forgiveness and charity(Read Mt 6:12 & Mt 25). So the Pharisaical worship of God won’t save you. Jesus condemned this very clearly. Read also prophets like Micah and Amos. Love of God is necessary and yet if it is not manifested in our love towards one another, it is useless. That is precisely what His Holiness means here..

    • Gayan, Your thoughts expressed in your response to RC are certainly valid and important, but you avoided his question entirely. The question he raised was whether you considered Francis statement that love of neighbor was our first and primary duty. You certainly should know that view is pure pristine humanism. You also failed to point out that those who claim to love God but do not love their neighbor absolutely do not love God. The point being absolutely if we do not know God and love him supremely we cannot under any conditions whatever love our neighbor. Such love turns in sentimentality and moral relativism, the catastrophic plague of our day. Of course one can maintain that Francis once again misspoke. But then he misspoke concerning the most supremely vital element of Christian truth and at a time when frankly the error would be inexcusable in the extreme. But for him to claim that atheists can get to heaven how can you possibly or honestly say he misspoke? And how can you with any kind of integrity call those who oppose your defense of Francis as being agents of Satan? Additionally, with so much evidence of the danger the Church itself is in with multiple predictions including from holy Scripture itself that Rome will fall to AntiChrist how can you give so little credit to your detractors? Please Gayan, consider yet another warning:
      Mother of Salvation: My Son died to save your souls, not to free you from the ills of this world
      Thursday, December 5th, 2013 @ 14:00
      My child, the world will witness the prophecies of La Salette as the enemies of God, dressed as lambs in sheep’s clothing, will now stand up proudly within my Son’s Church on Earth and begin to declare the heresies which I warned the world about. That time has arrived.
      As foretold, the darkness has already descended upon the Church and this plan to devour the souls of the faithful will continue until the Body of my Son is desecrated in accordance with the plan of the antichrist. What many people do not know is that the enemies of God, led by the antichrist – still to make himself known – believe in God. Not only do they believe in God, but because they detest everything to do with God, they will plot against His Plans to prepare the world for the Second Coming of my Son, Jesus Christ.
      For every Word my Son declares, through these Messages, they will contradict Him by imitating what He says. If my Son says, prepare now through the Sacraments and prayer, they, His enemies, will make similar statements, but they will be different. The call to help humanity – the poor – the persecuted – will be their main focus, not the proclamation of the Word. They will not urge you to pray for your souls or for the salvation of other souls. No, instead, you will be asked to help these souls from a humanitarian perspective.
      When you do not hear the call to save your souls, from those who claim to represent the Church of my Son, then you will know, within your hearts, that something is terribly wrong.
      My Son died to save your souls, not to free you from the ills of this world, which will always exist until my Son reclaims His Rightful Throne, promised to Him by God the Most High. You must never forget the Word of God. All that matters now is to plead for the salvation of all souls – irrespective as to whether they are kings or paupers.
      Your beloved Mother
      Mother of Salvation
      Watch is STUNNING VIDEO interview with VATICAN’S CHIEF EXORCISTS, the renowned
      Vatican insider Malachi Martin AND Gabriele Amorth, Bishop Williamson and Bishop Fellay:
      The Enthronement of Lucifer in the Vatican: .

    • Remnant Clergy

      Gayan, so you do agree with the heresy. I took nothing out of context. Look at the section in the document. Francis words, and now yours too, directly conflict with what Jesus Himself said. You only love your neighbor after and through your love of God. God is first. So you illustrate how poorly that Catholics really know their faith, and just blindly accept statements because a guy wears a white zucchetto. No wonder you are fooled. The Pharisaical placement of man before God won’t save you. We can stick to doctrine and avoid the ad hominum approach.

  7. Gayan Fernando

    I think my above statement should make at least some sense to those who read it. there is no doubt that you are blindfolded by the darkness of this world. Anyway let us leave it at the hands of God the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. May Mary our Mother be our source of consolation. May Archangel Michael help us in our warfare against powers of Darkness. May God help our Good Pope Francis. I myself have been an exorcist for years and I very well know the tricks of the devil..

    • donnaliane72

      We will join you in prayer to the Most Holy Trinity and through the intercession of all the most Holy Saints and Angels for both the pope and all Souls; yours and mine included, Gayan. When the Illumination of Conscience occurs (soon) which is the Great Day of Mercy for all mankind, be prepared- for next to Our Lord all our wisdom and knowledge will seem such foolishness. Only those with a pure and humble heart will reach out and beg for His Mercy. Others will deny their sins out of pride. Let’s pray for them all to be loosed from the grip of Lucifer into Our Saviour’s Merciful Heart.

    • God bless you Gayan, and donnalian, you could have not said it better!

    • Remnant Clergy

      Yes we will pray. You will learn the hard way about the error which you think you avoid, but fall into, since you think you know because of your “expertise” as an exorcist. At the Warning you will certainly know.

      • Gayan Fernando

        Leave it at the hands of God. The truth like oil always comes to the surface. We shall soon see whether you are correct or I’m. But if you mislead people, the judgement will be severe on such people.

        • Remnant Clergy

          Just remember this judgment on those who mock the prophets.

          4 Kings 2:23-24 And he went up from thence to Bethel: and as he was going up by the way, little boys came out of the city and mocked him, saying: Go up, thou bald head; go up, thou bald head. And looking back, he saw them, and cursed them (note) in the name of the Lord: and there came forth two bears out of the forest, and tore of them two and forty boys.

          (Douay Rheims note) Cursed them: This curse, which was followed by so visible a judgment of God, was not the effect of passion, or of a desire of revenging himself; but of zeal for religion, which was insulted by these boys, in the person of the prophet; and of a divine inspiration: God punishing in this manner the inhabitants of Bethel, (the chief seat of the calf worship,) who had trained up their children in a prejudice against the true religion and its ministers.

    • DeusServoNobis

      For being an Exorcist, you seem to know very little about possession, exorcism and the occult. You tend to say that what I talk about concerning these matters is satanic and heretical, even though I learned most of it from books that actual ordained Exorcists from the catholic church and other christian people had written. Things you should know if you really are an Exorcist yet you speak against them. Are you actually an ordained priest Gayan? The title Exorcist is only granted to a priest that goes through the training and is ordained to preform the rite of exorcism on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church. Other then that, you can be a layman who is able to preform a deliverance through the power of the Holy Spirit and by praying to God for help. Of course any person that refers to himself as a real Exorcist should know that difference right? From the looks of your behavior, it doesn’t seem like you are a priest all let alone an Exorcist. So are you a real Exorcist or priest Gayan? I am honestly curious as to that.

  8. Gayan Fernando

    never mind false prophets like you must be stripped of their masks..

    • Gayan, PLEASE!! You still cannot see the real issue here. It has nothing whatever to do with Francis. You lack the humility to give those who have plenty of reasons to doubt your discernment even one inch. Jesus’ warning to not judge (motives!) as you have done and continue to do calling RC a deceitful false prophet (the mask) means you have a root of bitterness yet to be dealt with. Unless that is dealt with you will never see properly to discern Francis. You make me very sad because this pride (often as much from those on the right as from those on the left) is at the very heart of the present chaos and crisis in the Church that has opened door of the Church to Anti-Christ himself.

    • Gayan who are the false prophets of whom u speak ? Even the devil knows scripture ! I would say to u ask & pray for the discernment of the Holy Spirit in order that u may truly know of whom u speak, & like all of us beg forgiveness from Almighty God our Father from sin & true , full enlightenment of His love for us, & the Truth of His Word & Spirit for it is only through the love, light & spirit of God and the life which Jesus gave for us all mercy that we might be saved and blessed enough to enter into God’s paradise & into eternal life !

  9. nonsense blog. I hope it disappears from the internet!

    • Remnant Clergy

      Once the Antichrist takes over the internet, we will, and instead be underground in the virtual catacombs.

    • donnaliane72

      Why ? Articles with important information are posted from all over the world. My country publishes almost nothing on the Pope. This enables reading, reflection, analysis and discussion as the Church undergoes great changes. Maybe you too are poorly informed due to limited media presentations. Read, pray and enter into healthy discussion.

    • Gayan Fernando


  10. Gayan Fernando

    All rubbish on this blog…

    • DeusServoNobis

      Most the rubbish on this blog I would have to say belongs to you for the most part Gay. I am pretty sure you are nothing more then a paid goon at this point, who is only here to cause disruption wherever you can because it is impossible for someone to say as much stupid stuff as you do without getting paid. You seem to lie a lot whenever it suits you I noticed and all the methods you use to try to drive people from the truth makes you obvious. Your overall arrogance and ignorance indicates that you are most likely still just some young punk that can’t find a real job and thinks himself as some kind of genius or other. It’s painfully obvious that you’re no priest as well, let alone an Exorcist seeing that you know very little about the subject from what I can tell. At this point I am pretty sure that isn’t even your real name that you’re using either, yet you constantly insist on people using their real names as if that even meant anything. Do the names go on some kind of list that goes to your superiors or what?

      If this thread is nothing more then rubbish then why have you spent so much of your time here trying to convince people of that. You try so hard at it that it also makes it super obvious that you’re just somebodies boot licking lackey. You are faker then a Chinese knockoff of a Rolex watch dude. I am not trying to start another pointless argument with you but I feel that you should be exposed for what you are. So once again I find myself wasting more time on you when I would rather not…

  11. Pingback: Ven. Archbishop Fulton Sheen on the False Prophet | The Biblical False Prophet Has Arrived

  12. gayan fernando

    orrrrrr….. funny man.. You say that I’m paid. Don’t let the cat out.. That’s ur business with the devil ur master..

    • DeusServoNobis

      Is that all you can really say in response? How typical and predictable of your kind to do so I suppose… It’s funny to see that this is all you have to fall back on every single time you are confronted or cornered with something your mind is incapable of dealing with. Just give it up already.

  13. Gayan Fernando

    The Devil must be called by its very name, then only does it subdue…………

    • DeusServoNobis

      You really think that’s all it takes huh? Get serious Mr. exorcist… I think it’s time you address your own devils and that’s just a start.

  14. Pope Francis – “A breath of fresh air”

  15. Gayan Fernando

    Hey DSN, I’m not going to leave you at peace. you brutal Satanist.. see if you and ur master can defeat me. With God who is my Shepherd, I’m certainly stronger than ur Devil…

    • DeusServoNobis

      HAHAHAHA.! hehe… no no wait… HAHAHAHA! Okay okay… Lets first start off with. Do you think anyone here actually gives thought or pays any attention to anything you say as of now? really though? Next, do you know with your arrogant attitude and foul demeanor, you could never be an exorcist let alone perform an exorcism or deliverance? If you say you are stronger then the devil and you truly believe that, the any of the demons you claim to have cast out would have mangled your sorry ass. I actually read about a case like this were a priest who was preforming an exorcism put himself in the place of God in a way, by saying I will make the same sacrifice as Jesus did if I have to in order to save the possessed person. Thinking he himself was strong enough because he has God with him though it has nothing to do with a persons strength or even spiritual strength. It is solely based on the power of God and God alone. By making the simple mistake of saying what he did, though as a real ordained Exorcist, he knew that it is not his power or some kind of power granted to him through God but the power of the Lord alone that really cast out demons, the possessing demon crushed his abdomen and crippled him physically for the rest of his life. He was never able to perform an exorcism again after that or walk without the aid of a walking cane. You are similar to this man in that way though you are actually much worse because you are not a priest and never will be, nor are you the Exorcist that you claim to be. On top of that, extremely arrogant people being the hardest for God to work with or through let alone save, can never be a real Exorcist. You are just like the devil Gay, full of hate and lies. In the end, there is no need for me or God to do anything because you defeated yourself.

    • Remnant Clergy

      Gayan, you claim that you are an exorcist, hence a question. Are you a priest who is officially assigned the role of exorcist by a bishop in some diocese?

  16. seems like a good blog, but if it were mine, there’d be no comments. they are a showcase for what it means to be unchristian.

    • donnaliane72

      I agree some comments are unChristian but like anywhere, I guess, all types visit. Christian by name and not in their nature. We can all recognise true converts and disciples here. So this is a chance to also evangelize. My hope and prayer is that along the way conversions do occur (or deepen)and that others are led to consider what God really wants of them. I learn new things from others and am learning to respond to personal attacks ( not just differences of opinion). I’m hoping then when I am ridiculed in person, I can be more ready to honour The Lord with my response. Plus by allowing interactions it is harder to stereotype people as just “pope-haters ” or “crazy” or “evil” etc. Anyone who stays here long enough and reads comments will see that a loving concern for the salvation of souls in dangerous times, is behind all this- afterall we were all made for Him!
      What do you think vta?

      • fair enough. my experience on ytube and elsewhere is that exchanges go nowhere. anonymity brings the worst out of a lot of people. perhaps i haven’t been charitable enough. it can also be very time-consuming. i’ve spent time trying to counter irrational arguments against MDM. i just get called names. that doesn’t bother me (much), but i’m not sure it’s worthwhile. i’m not suggesting you should do anything different from what you’re doing. — God bless!

        • donnaliane72

          Thanks vta for your encouraging response. You will find a lot of support here! It’s mainly one guy and he always says the same thing. Just ignore him. And pray for him of course- I’m sure you do. 😊
          God bless you too!

      • DeusServoNobis [SlaveXER0]

        Sorry Donna and VTA, I feel that I am partially responsible for some of those unchristianly comments. Actually I’m pretty sure I am. I do joke around a bit too much sometimes when I post comments here which can come off as a bit crude or foul at times I guess. Sorry to anyone else who may have felt disturbed or offended by any of my comments as well. I hope you guys don’t take too much offense to it though if any. I really am just trying to give everyone a little chuckle here and there with pretty much all the not so savory nonsense things that I end up saying. Most of it is just stuff I’ll make up at the moment because it sounds funny to me and it’s something that people normally wouldn’t say which makes it sound even more funny to me. Like when I said “faceless pantywaist ass faced waste of space that stinks up the entire place”. See, who says that kind of stuff? Nobody does and really, I wouldn’t even say that to someone if I was seriously trying to hurt their feelings because it just sounds way too cheesy to be an effective insult. Plus, going around and insulting others to purposely hurt them so you can feel better about yourself by thinking that somehow you’re better then they are, is something that I greatly frown upon and don’t do to others. That’s why I act the way I do because I myself had to put with that kind of crap all my life and I see people doing this to each other all the damn time now. I still have to put up with people like this on a regular basis because one is a totally disrespectful, extremely selfish, most ungrateful, arrogant, lazy, fat ego maniac with a mental illness that makes him self delusional and greatly magnifies his existing foul personality as well as his hyper ego. Which is magnified even more because he’s also a borderline sociopath. Now throw in the 15-20 different kinds of medications he takes each day which again greatly magnifies his already unbearable personality and overblown ego further. I can’t stand being around this person most of the time but he’s my brother though and is semi disabled so I have to deal with him because he has nobody else aside from our mom. She is the main reason why I still put up with him. Pretty much he makes Gayan look like a devout benedictine friar if you were to compare the two.

        Out of the 5 siblings I have, 4 of them still consistently pull this kind of crap on a regular basis, with 3 of them being atheist and the other a mouth professing Christian that loves oboma and franny, but doesn’t even believe in the devil or that Jesus Christ is his Lord or Savior, yet he insist that he is a real Christian. All 4 are also hardcore liberals D8. The degree of how much they each do the self inflating ego thingy varies from whatever you say man, being minimal to get the hell away from me dude, being the worst. My little sister overall is the only decent person from the entire bunch and is good Christian girl. I actually also have 4 little half sisters I rarely ever see, but they’ve all been conformed to this rotting society and none of them are Christians I think. One of them maybe but just another mouth professor at best. Personality wise though, all the half sisters are decent people.

        The hardest one to deal with though, is my atheist foster brother who treats the few people that can actually stand being around him like total garbage, at all times. Which are also the only few people that he consistently gets help from or uses, but never shows the amount of gratitude or respect that these people actually deserve if any is even given at all. Not only is he one those forum trolls, but he is actually an even bigger troll in real life. The person he trolls on and hurts the most is the same person who loves and takes care of him the most being my foster mom. Imagine having a 300 pound 33 year old son who has no job or friends and never leaves the house. Watches TV and eats all day when awake. Lays in bed for at least 20-23 hours of each day to watch TV or sleep. Verbally and mentally abuses you almost every single day when barging into your room without permission in order to start a completely pointless or trivial one sided arguments for the sake of entertainment and daily self glorification. He also had designated you as his main target for ridicule because he has nobody else to talk to, yet he never wants to lets you talk and if you are able to, he doesn’t even hear a single word because he’s too busy talking over you to let you know that everything you say or do is wrong and that you’re Fing stupid. Shows you no gratitude or respect yet counts on you for almost all his needs that you provide for him just to get him to possibly leave you alone for a few lousy minutes. Causes you to slowly drain your bank account and retirement fund without a single care about your future well being when you are looking to retire in a just a couple of years. Refuses to help you do anything around the house or any of the house work that you can no longer do because of old injuries and the fact that you’re a 62 year old woman now, that should have already been living with your future husband that won’t marry you yet because of he refuses to live in the same house with your good for nothing son. He lives in your house for free while you pay for his cable TV, the internet, utility bills, house mortgage, as well as his food while you slowly go broke to take care of him because you had also lost your job not long ago and because he refuses to do anything at all to help you or himself financially. Insults you right to your face and criticizes everything you do as if you were a total stranger that’s somehow in the wrong, then follows you around if you try to walk away so he can continue yelling insults right into your ear until the only thing left that you can do, is to leave the house. He causes you to be depressed and stressed out so badly, that you drink every day just so you can tolerate him for a little while when you’re at home. He also disrespects and treats his youngest brother so terribly to the point where your youngest son rarely ever comes to visit you unless he also needs more money because your taking care of all his needs too, which is also making you go broke even faster. Is this the life that a 62 year old woman should be living? I think not. Yet, there is nothing I can really do to help fix her situation. She had already paid off all her dues long ago in my eyes and even went above and beyond the call of duty to continue taking care of my two brothers as well as her dying father, mentally ill and unstable younger sister and older sister who is physically ill but still, she is unable to find any rest from all this stress and insanity. She deserves to live the rest of her life out in peace but I am afraid that she may never be able to do that because this world doesn’t have much time left, nor do we. So what to do…

        Anyhow, as much as I’ve tried and still try, there is nothing I can say to the guy to make him realize how much he is hurting our poor old mom. There isn’t anything that anyone can say or do to convince him to change, even for just a short time so mom can finally get a moment of rest. She wants him gone but I know he wouldn’t be able to take care of himself now because he’s too far gone in his mind which I think mom also realizes, so she continues to endure his unnecessary abuse because she is just that good of a person, that great of person. So what do you say to a guy like my brother? Considering all that you know about him now, would you even want to be around a person like this? I honestly don’t like it but I am the only one that knows how to best deal with him and I’m pretty much the only friend he has that will actually go over there to spend time with him, as well as the only person that can be around him for long periods of time without going utterly insane. This also makes me the only person that can go and help my mom when she needs it but I do have my limits when it comes to dealing with my brother. He purposely pushes everyone away with his blind arrogance, vain selfishness and brazen cruelty because in his head, he is the only one that has it all together, Is better then anyone alive and is always right and never wrong, yet he constantly craves for human interaction because he is always alone. It’s partly why I’m still around for him because he really doesn’t have anyone else and the more he is alone, the more deranged and delusional he becomes. I’m alone all the time also and it’s always been like this for me, I’m still completely alone even when there are other people around me. So I kind of understand why he gets like that but unlike him, I can handle being alone all the time which is what I actually prefer and I never seek attention from other people. I think I’m able to be okay when being alone all the time because the Lord is always with me which isn’t the same case for my brother. He did believe in God at one point in time. It was years ago when he was dying of heart disease and needed a heart transplant. He prayed to God then for a new heart so that he could continue to live and God answered his prayer by giving this new heart to him instead of any of the other people who were also on the waiting list in that hospital. A year or so later when TV eventually became his new god and the government his savior because he was getting disability money, my brother started saying that he’s was now an atheist and he began to heedlessly blaspheme God and our Lord Jesus Christ from then on till even now. As if God had never saved his life and gave him that second chance which he has squandered. I found this so very distressing and still do because he still denies the existence of God without any hesitation and now even tries to convince others of this by using his arrogant, self righteous, disrespectful and most intrusive like personality to force it on them, regardless if they want to hear it or not. And if you run, he will follow you until he is done saying what he wants to because he talks to people to hear himself talk, which is why he doesn’t let you get a single sentence in before he starts talking over you. You know what’s funny? Although it sounds like he is the worst out of all my siblings, he is the only one that I actually spend time with. He is my brother and I love the guy but when I help him or spend time with him, I do it to ultimately help mom because there isn’t much else I can do for her when all I really want, is for her to be able to just live out the rest of her life with nothing but peaceful days and as much happiness as she can possible experience before the end of days has come.

        Anyhow, I don’t really see any of my other siblings except for my younger foster brother from time to time. My little sister that’s a Christian lives far away so I don’t see her much. Same with all my little half sisters that I never see. As for the other two atheist, I stay away from them because they are just down right wicked people. Also years ago they had betrayed me in such a heinous manner that I decided to never see them again. That last time was the final straw for me though because it wasn’t the first time these two people had done something really messed up to me and that last time was the worst betrayal anyone had ever dared to commit against me. I guess I can tell you a bit about this because you may actually learn something from it. So a couple years back when I was living with my oldest brother who is one of the atheist, I found out that he was date raping the girls that he would always be bringing home. He would give them a bunch of different drugs that knocked them out and would then take advantage of these stupid young girls after they passed out. I figured out that this was actually going on for some time, but I didn’t realize that until after He admitted his guilt. One of the things he would always do before committing his evils, was he would crank up the music in his room real loud regardless of the time, usually doing this during the late night so I couldn’t hear what he was really doing because there was only a thin wall that separated our rooms. I ended up confronting him about this without really mentioning anything about rape at the time. I still really wasn’t sure if he was actually doing this because it was one of my neighbors who told me about this first. I was able to get him to incriminate himself it by asking him a few trick questions instead. Although the questions were vague, right off the bat he yelled you think I am date raping them with this really guilty look on his face. Funny thing though, I never said the word date rape or rape and the questions I asked didn’t indicate that I was hinting towards the whole rape thingy but those were the words that came out of his mouth. What really sealed it after I got him to spill the beans was his initial reactions after he had exposed his secret to me. I wasn’t going to do anything about it though because those girls allowed this to happen to themselves in a sense because they wanted to do all the drugs. So right after he realized that I now knew his dirty little secret, he instantly called the police on me when I didn’t even do anything wrong. As he was talking on the phone with them in his room, I could hear him lying to the cops to try to get me arrested through his door. When the police finally got there, I went out to meet them but by brother was trying to block me from going down the stairs so that I couldn’t talk to them. I just ended up pushing past him and went down to talk to the cops. They talked to him first though since he was the one that called them and I just stood there quietly as he further lied to the police while I was standing not even 10 feet away from them. After he finished lying his ass off to them, I was able to tell them my end of the story which proved that everything my brother told them was a complete lie. After hearing my part, the cops just turned and stared at my brother with the look of disgust on their faces, then they just left. My brother was totally pissed off at this point and before all this would be over with, he eventually called the police on me again twice during the next month or so that passed, making it a total of 3 times that he lied to the police to try to get rid of me which never worked. He wanted me gone so bad because he knew he couldn’t keep doing what he was if I was still around. He ended changing the locks on the doors one day when I was out but I was still able to get into my apartment which also made him more angry. He pretty much gave himself away completely by exhibiting all this self incriminating behavior. Who would do things like that to their own brother unless they were absolutely 100% guilty? Anyway, since he couldn’t get me arrested by lying to the cops those 3 times, the next thing he did was to try to get me put into a mental ward with the help of the other atheist now, my older sister who’s in the porno producing business which had always hated me and treated me like crap when I was growing up. Well, they were actually able to pull it off this time somewhat but it didn’t go exactly the way that they wanted it to. For a long time now since I was a young teenager, I have always talk about God a lot which is the one thing that they hated about me the very most and the very thing they used against me to get me thrown into a looney bin. First off they called the cops again on me which they had both lied to in order to make it sound like I was crazy or something. Saying that all I ever talk about is God God God all the time and that I was totally crazy because also told them I talk to God a lot which I actually do. It’s not like I can hear some kind of foreign voice speaking inside my head or anything like that. I just talk to God like I normally do with a person and every so often the Holy Spirit would answer some of my questions or whatever, by showing me something that gave me the answer or other things like that but yes, I do talk to God all the time. So after they lied to the cops for awhile and because it was 2 against 1, the cops called for a psychologist to come out and evaluate me to see if I was crazy. I have had crappy luck all my life but this one really took the cake. So the psychologist that came out to evaluate me was totally some gay guy that I ‘m pretty sure was also an atheist, which is also probably why he took the word of the two betrayers over mine. So we got a homorific atheist psychologist twink boy evaluating a Christian guy to see if he is crazy or not huh… Well needless to say, a lot of things were pretty much working against me that day and it didn’t turn out so well for me in the end. The homo pretty much only talked with the two betrayers the entire time and during the whole time he was around to evaluate me, he only spoke to me twice which were two questions he asked me. The first question was do I believe in God. The answer was yes of course because I’m a Christian. The second was, you say you talk to God so how does he talk back to you. My answer was through the Bible. I was actually taken to the emergency room that day because I was also dying of pneumonia at the time and had not slept for almost 3 days because I was also homeless during winter on top of being deathly ill, thanks to my brother betrayer because he told the cops that my name was not on the lease of the apartment so I couldn’t go back there. The second question the queer dude asked me was at the emergency room. After only asking me those 2 question as part of his evaluation concerning my sanity, I was taken out of the hospital and put into a mental ward and was released after about 3-4 hours when the doctor at the ward came into work and talked to me. He asked me why I was there and I said I really didn’t know why. I told him some gay dude came out to check my sanity and after asking me the 2 question I answered which I also explained to the doctor, the gay put into the mental ward. The doctor just shook his head and told me I could leave right then. It was nice to get out of there but I was still suffering from the pneumonia which later turned into bronchitis. I actually almost died during that time because I was out on the streets in the cold winter rain and I was coughing up a lot of blood at the time. After that, I didn’t see either of the betrayers for about 2 years or so until they showed up at my moms house this last new years day. My mom told me they wouldn’t be there but I ended up staying there to be with my mom and little sister who came down to visit instead of just leaving. After I left that mental ward, I was homeless and lived on the streets for a few months. Later that year, I had all my firearms taken from me by the department of justice because of the 3 or 4 hours I spent in the mental ward, courtesy of the two that betray and that one that is gay. Luckily though, I was later able to transfer all of them to my friend though it took a bit of time and costs me some money that I really couldn’t afford to spend and that was the end of that. One other reason I still hang out with my older foster brother is because he hadn’t betrayed me or screw me over some how. Well, not since we were really young anyway.

        I guess I decided to tell you guys all this personal stuff because I think it might possible help some of you in better understand people like this and how they effect others in such a negative way. That being this way results in nothing except misery and despair for you and the people around you. Or maybe give you ideas on how to possibly work through a situation like any of these if you happen to ever run into one. You can now also better understand why I am the way I am when dealing with people like this and that I had to deal with their kind for a long time now and a long time still to come I bet considering my luck. Anyways, I am being totally honest when I say that none of the comments I have posted here were composed out of spite, anger, self glorification or was meant to hurt anyone. Maybe tick them off a little hehe 8D. After dealing with so many of these people on the level that I have, the haters here who hurl their little nothing insults at me aren’t even scratching the surface if they are really trying to make me angry somehow. Yes some off my comments may come off as unchristianly but words are just words like I said before. What determines the true nature of the things you say to someone are the thoughts and feelings you put behind them. So when I said “downright offensive rotten douche bastardassmaster burglar of turd burgers” in my last comment that I posted, know that It’s meant to be more of a joke then an insult. Yea, this one might sound a bit more cruder then some of the other stuff I have said I admit, but like I was saying, I’m just messing around when I say things like this. I bet somebody out there aside from myself did get a little laugh from this one though hehehe 8D. I do have to say that I did put it across as a kind of funny little insult to the people that this comment was referring to, but it’s not directed towards any specific person and there’s no anger behind it. Overall, I’m never really trying to offend anyone here with some of the gritty things I say that may appear to be offensive, even when I say some of those things to people like Gayan. To be honest, I’m never truly angry when I’m here which is why a lot of the weird stuff I say is just me joking around and not me actually saying things out of anger. I do get irritated or at most a little bit mad sometimes when I see people being wrongfully mistreated or accused here, or pretty much anywhere else really. I get a little mad but really never angry or furious. These guys are gonna have to do a whole lot more if they really want to try to make me angry. Most of the time when I do get slightly mad when I’m here is because of all the crazy crap Mr. franny manpanties pumps out from his new world order demon clown factory. I don’t even hate the guy really, just everything he does along with his master satan and the spirit of the antichrist. When it comes to guys like franny or any other of the elite globalist goon faced baboons, I 100% confess that pretty much all the things I say when I make fun of them are meant to insult them to a degree. That pretty much goes for all the internet stalking hateoholic troll bait ass fanatics out there too I guess, because they’re the ones who are actually out there trying to hurt or offend other people in a very personal kind of way. Actually I think I’ve been pretty good since I came here concerning foul language. I do say ass a lot though hehehe 8P. Believe me though when I say, if you think my comments are somewhat bad now, potentially it could be a lot worse. If this was a couple years ago, I probably would have cussed out Gayan in a most unmerciful fashion. You guys actually haven’t seen anything close to what my real boiling man state is. I’m actually become quite a mean person when I really get angry and I don’t make funny little jokes if I am talking to you then. I don’t even curse really. I say things that are extremely cruel and calculated because I get all super serious and more focused actually. This never really happens though because for the most part, I’m a pretty mellow mannered person.

        Well, for whatever it’s worth, I hope that someone will learn something useful from the comments I post here. It’s the main reason why so many of the comments I posted are so dang long. I tend to take my time when explaining things and I try to put in with a lot of details in my explanations. I actually really glad that I came to this website because everyone here is just great for the most part. You guys gave me a lot of encouragement concerning some of the things I talk about so thanks for that you guys.

        Before I wrap this one up, this last part is for Donnaliane if you’re reading this. Concerning your prayer for more people to return to God, I got a good feeling that God will answer your prayer on this one because when God sends us the great warning, a grip load of people will convert and a whole lot more when our Lord Jesus comes back too. It will be great 8D! As for you learning to better deal with people if they insult or ridicule you, I think you are doing great now and will do great, though I don’t know how you are in real life. You seem like such a super sweetheart though so if you actually did need to learn anything to better deal with a mean person, it probably wouldn’t have to be very much at all. That’s just what I think though. Now I’m not trying to get fresh with you by saying this but, in my book, I think your a real genuine doll and I mean that too. Also about the Jacinta picture, sorry it’s still not quite done yet. It is actually taking more time to fix then I thought it would and I worked on it for like maybe 12 hours strait the other day but still didn’t finish. I didn’t realize the diagram needed so much revising because I made so long ago. It’s is close to be done soon though. I just need to work on a few last parts to finish it but I shouldn’t give an estimation on when it will be finished because I really don’t know how much longer it will take. Anyhow, when I do finish it, it will be posted in the section where I had first mentioned it K. One last thing too. You guys can call me XER0 if you want from now on. Deus Servo Nobis is actually more of a statement or even prayer then it is a moniker for me. It just means God Watch Over Us if you don’t know too much Latin. So you can call me whatever you want. Buttface, asshat, dumbass, loser, moron, ect. but never call me Deus Servo Nobis. Because obviously I’m not God and also I never considered Deus Servo Nobis to be my moniker though I use it a lot but never for myself. Anyhow, take care all you guy.

        Deus Benedicat Vos Omnis

    • DeusServoNobis [SlaveXER0]

      Well, sorry to say this VTA, but you should always expect to run into some sort of ridiculous conflict no matter where you go on the internet these days. Seems like we are all inevitably doomed in life to eventually encounter at least one random ultra numbskull that comes from the endless array of the many various types of countless existing asshats on this planet. They are all pretty much the same when it comes to their behavior and tendencies, which for the most part is usually quite foul and highly offensive. Your everyday average asshat usually suffers from one form or other of self induced/perpetuating arrogance that can range from slightly annoying butt nugget for brains, to friggin irritating jackasscrack wankster, or downright offensive rotten douche bastardassmaster burglar of turd burgers. In most cases, their overblown hyper egos will eventually create overwhelmingly massive amounts of pure ignorance within the subject, which further blinds them to everything around them. This in turn will eventually lead to extreme denseness of the mind and consistent acts of grand stupidity, which they all seem to like sharing with others who would rather not partake of any. The degree of arrogance, ignorance, offensiveness, stupidity and annoyability that you may experience when dealing with their kind varies from asshat to asshat. Needless to say, your level of tolerance will also vary depending on the type of bonehead that you’ll eventually encounter sooner or later on the internet.

      Similar to what they say about motorcyclist , you can be one of three kinds people when it comes to dealing with mega troll like butt fiends that hide themselves behind a computer screen. First there are those who have yet to randomly encounter a yellow belly spine of jelly super cyber troll from a crack shack in New Delhi. Next are those who have already had an encounter with a faceless pantywaist ass faced waste of space that stinks up the entire place. Then there are those who will yet again encounter a foul mouth brown noser chicken doodie punk ass poser that just really cant sink any lower. So which one are you guys? I can tell you now that I am the 3rd kind… I’ve had beyond my fair share of run ins with the troll brigade. Enough to last an eternity even. Not once have I ever been able to not run into one of these guys over the internet. Not in any of the online games I had ever played or in any of the forums that I had posted on. I’m glad I never hopped onto the myspace or facebook bandwagon. I’m sure those people would drive me stark raving mad in places like that.

      You know what’s really sad… It’s that every time the ultra troll patrol had come after me to try to spread their super runny rotten troll sauce all over me, it always happens when I’m standing up for what I know to be right. I swear, for some reason I seem to always get stuck with it. I’m that one guy that always happens to stumble upon something rotten that’s going on and I’m constantly running into people or groups of people who are up to no good. They are always gunning for me when I go out of my way to expose them for either stealing from others, lying in a way that would cause harm to others or running scams to cheat others in the pursuit of selfish gain. I even go after the fat cat corporations at times when I find out they are scamming people which always result in me running into one of their brown nosing lackeys. I’m not sure which is worse, the ego driven forum stalking mega trolls with their shields of infallible ignorance, or the nose diving clowns who like to take it down to brown town. It’s funny to see them suckling up to some forum moderator or corporations that they don’t even work for or get anything from. They seem to crave status and acknowledgement so badly from these people that they will never meet in real life. Their lust to gain clout and influence amongst whatever group they are trying to fit into is so strong, it completely takes control of the person. Regardless of what is right and wrong, they are always quick to jump all over you even if they know that the people they sided with are the bad guys who are doing wrong to others. We live in strange times don’t we? I look at the world around me today and it seems so foreign to me. I can’t relate to anyone today because people have grown so very selfish, cruel and arrogant. I find it sad when people rally against you when you confront someone for being cruel and unjust to others. I can’t even remember how many times the troll brigades advanced their hordes against me when I did something like that. As irritating as it is, I can’t seem to back down when these goons show their ugly faces. The thing that pisses me off the most about people though, is their total indifference towards everything outside of the tiny bubble they call their lives. I always seem to be the one man army that is the only one trying to do the right thing at the time in order to help others. Even to the point were I end up taking huge losses. The people of today will always just sit back in the face of evil and injustice, even though they are directly effected by it and realize it. Always hoping that someone else will do the dirty work for them and if not, they just lick the boots of their oppressors as they muddle on by through life.

      By the way, sorry if anyone finds my words to be highly offensive for whatever reason even though I’m not actually directing them towards any one particular person. I just get that way when it comes to this subject. By now, I’m sure a lot of you guys have noticed that about me. I tend to get all super defensive when dealing with unsavory goons. I’m just so sick of running into these people everywhere I go when I’m on the internet now. It’s like some kind of ever growing infestation that can’t be stopped by any means and I just don’t take kindly to the likes of them anymore to be honest. This place ain’t too bad though. There are far less douche baggy bags here then a lot of other websites. If you think that this forum is bad now VTA, just wait till the division in the church gets worse. For now, we only have a couple of nitwits coming here to either post their misguided nonsense or to fling their cowardice hollow insults around. I actually haven’t seen any of our resident dill weeds post anything for awhile now so it’s actually been nice. Just wait though, we’ll have roaming bands of weasel face wank jobs all up in here soon enough. With more people being mislead by ol’ franny panties and oboma as time passes on, there will eventually be more misguided miscreants that will end up finding their way here to stir up trouble. As long as there are selfish arrogant cowardly asshats in this world, the internet will always be the place that they flock to. It’s the only place where they can be their true rotten little selves without restraint and without fear of getting a major beat down as they further inflate their sick and twisted egos. It’s pathetic and disgusting but it is what it is ya know? Spineless hack jobs will always do what they will, which is stay hidden while they foolishly act like total asswads towards others. If they actually treated real people the same way that they do here on the internet or acted as the grotesque people that they truly are in real life situations, there would be a whole lot more dead people and hospitals would be rolling in obscene amounts of cash.

      Hey VTA, I know you had said that if this was your forum, there would be no comments but would you really want it that way? You say that some of the comments are unchristianly, but I think it’s good to let people say whatever they want to. Even if it’s unchristianly because it gives us an opportunity to act christianly. It’s like being in a weakened state which can actually allow one the opportunity to find their true strength which they can demonstrate during the hard times in order to bring hope to others by being strong for them. Understand? I find it amusing when people come here spouting off lies and bringing the hate. I actually learn more about how some people are and it gives us all a chance to dispel all the lies by shedding light on the truth that God provides for us. When people come here with their ridiculous accusations of Maria being a satanist or when they come here to defend their false prophet, I see it as a chance to bring them some hard truth. Plus I get to turn their rotten garbage back on them so that they can smell how terrible the crap they bring around here is. Yea that sounds kind of bad I know but I can’t help it… Evil stuff like cruelty, selfishness, injustice, arrogance and underhandedness just rubs me the wrong way in the worst of ways. Honestly it puts a grin on my face when the bad guys get their just desserts. Anyhow, my advice to you VTA is to not lose any sleep over some faceless dork fiend nobody who most likely is just looking for attention by stirring up trouble. A lot of negative attention seekers out there these days ya know but what can ya do? As bad as some of their comments are, like I said, I learn more about people like that and I’ll still read their hateful comments but I don’t ever give much thought to what they say. Nor do I take any of their weak sauce insults and accusations to heart because I honestly don’t care about what others think of me for the most part. Especially when it comes to faceless lame brains who are really just frightened little meat puppets in my eyes. I actually find it funny when they direct their feeble attacks towards me, but for some reason when I see them insulting other people such as Maria who can’t defend herself or did nothing to deserve such foul treatment, I start to see shades red. I can care less when people call me a satanist or whatever else with nothing to back up their claim, but when people go around viciously insulting and accusing people like Donna, David or Rem of being satanist when they have not said or done anything that would indicate such a thing, the rage meter begins to build. I am the boiling man. I do need to tone it down a bit though I think… The other day I jumped all over Frank by mistake because I thought he was calling Maria the antichrist, which for a moment caused me to mistake him for Fred who I think is a total ass. It ended up being just a simple mistake of putting Maria’s name into the wrong context which I should have taken more time to realize before wrongfully getting on Frank ass about it. I was being a bit too foolhardy and brazen with a strong dash of zealousness on top at the time. Again, I’m real sorry about that Frank. Just to let you know, I totally took it all back and re-gave it to all the jerk face hate junkies the other day so please accept my most humble apologies sir. I’ll try to tone it down some from now on. I should probably cut down my comments a bit too huh? I never realize how long winded they are until I’m pretty much done… Ita paenitet omnis.

      • sounds like you’ve given this quite a bit of thought. thanks for the advice, i won’t lose any sleep over comments i read here or elsewhere on the web.

      • DeusServoNobis [SlaveXER0]

        I’m sure you already knew that for a while so no need to thank me for stating the obvious and yes, I did give this a lot of thought which I always do for anything I post. Some times I spend hours and hours just sitting here typing up one of these comments. Pretty much the only sleep I lose due to any comments or my own hahaha.

        • i find that thinking about and composing comments can easily get out of hand and disrupt my peace of mind, and also take time away from other, real-life things that i really should be doing. so i try to be terse, impersonal, and stick to the subject… no need to apologize to me. i’m new here and haven’t really read that many of the comments. i don’t really have a sense of who’s who. i’ll chirp in only if i think i have something to add to a discussion. i have the feeling my initial comment was … precipitous. just forget it, i wasn’t accusing anyone. it’s just that i’ve seen a lot of “comment chaos”.

        • donnaliane72

          DeusServoNobis, where are you? I’m worried about you. You seem to have disappeared.

  17. Gayan Fernando

    so many things have taken place during my absence.. The devil is also not giving up.. In the name of the most Holy Trinity, I’m not afraid to defend our Holy Pope….

    • GAYAN, Here is what your Holy Pope from Hell, Gay union advocate Francis says he can not judge: (If you can stand to see it!)

      Oh, you don’t think Francis really means what he says ?????

      Then why did he appoint well known Homosexual practicing pervert Cardinal Wuerl “Lavender Donna” to replace loyal to the faith conservative Cardinal Burke??

      Then why did he appoint publically exposed (pictures and all) homosexual pervert to head his investigation of the Vatican bank???

      Then why did he advocate among his bishops in Argentina same sex unions???

      Then why have you not heard a word from “Clean up the Vatican” Francis since about the powerful Homosexual lobby influencing Church policy at the Vatican that was major news months ago??? This certainly could not be because he is part of it, now don’t you think?


      Leviticus 20:13 “If anyone lies with a man as with a woman, both have committed an abomination, let them be put to death. Let their blood be upon them.” (No gay union exception clause here!)

      “And the Beast was taken, and with him the False Prophet, who wrought signs before him, whereby he seduced those who received the character [mark] of the Beast, and who adored his image. These two were cast alive into the Lake of Fire, burning with brimstone.” Revelation 19:20

      Gayan, what IN HEAVEN’S NAME is your definition of Holiness??? Is indifference toward capital moral crimes and promoting those who practice them TO POWERFUL PLACES IN THE CHURCHpart of you definition??? Would you let your pride lead you following Francis straight to Hell itself??? YOU REALLY SCARE ME.

      • Gayan Fernando

        (AP) Pope says abortion evidence of ‘throwaway culture’
        Associated Press
        Pope Francis on Monday criticized abortion as evidence of a “throwaway culture” that wastes people as well as food, saying such a mentality is a threat to world peace.

        Francis also urged better respect for migrants and denounced the persecution of Christians in Asia, Africa and the Middle East in his global survey of world crises delivered to diplomats accredited to the Holy See.

        Saying hunger is a threat to world peace, he noted that not only food but human beings themselves are often discarded as unnecessary.

        “We cannot be indifferent to those suffering from hunger, especially children, when we think of how much food is wasted every day in many parts of the world immersed in what I have often termed `the throwaway culture,’” Francis said.

        That culture, he said, also affects the unborn child.

        “For example, it is frightful even to think that there are children, victims of abortion, who will never see the light of day,” he said. Francis has generally limited his exhortations about abortion, saying church teaching is well known and that he prefers to speak less about the church’s moralizing rules and more about its positive, welcoming message.

        In remarks that were less diplomatic and more a reflection of his own priorities, Francis called for the elderly to be treated with respect that their wisdom warrants, and for children to be protected from exploitation, slavery and hunger.

        He lamented those who have died trying to find better lives for themselves and their families, citing migrants from his own Latin America trying to reach the United States and Africans seeking to enter Europe.

        He urged Italians in particular to “renew their praiseworthy commitment of solidarity” toward migrants, an allusion to the current debate in Italy to revise its restrictive immigration policies.

        Each year, thousands attempt risky voyages across the Mediterranean in unseaworthy boats heading toward Italian shores, and hundreds die en route. Last year, Francis visited the island of Lampedusa, the destination of choice for smuggling operations where more than 360 people died in a single shipwreck on Oct. 3.

        From Syria to Mali, North Korea to South Sudan, Francis called for the international community to do more to end conflicts and care for the most vulnerable.

        Francis also decried the persecution of Christians that has forced many to flee the Middle East, resulted in bloodshed in places like Nigeria and Mali and deprived Christians of their right to worship in parts of Asia.

        “We must never cease to do good, even when it is difficult and demanding, and when we endure acts of intolerance if not genuine persecution,” he said.

        • Gayan, None of us here who you call heralds of the Devil are speaking ill of the sheepskin this wolf is wearing! You continue to address the concerns and issues of all you accuse.

        • Gayan, None of us here who you call heralds of the Devil are speaking ill of the sheepskin this wolf is wearing! You continue to FAIL TO address the concerns and issues of all you accuse.

    • donnaliane72

      How do you know he’s holy?

    • Deus Servo Nobis [SlaveXER0]

      Yea… I guess your right about the whole devil not giving up yet thing now that I think about it for a sec. I mean… Because as far as I can tell, your back to defend our Holy Doperrrr uh… I mean pope or whatever now right? XD… Anyways so yea, your so totally right about that one dude. Man!… You are just so dang darn good goody good ya know! Do you have to constantly have to beat gorgeous ladies off with a stick all the time or what huh stud nugget? Amazing……

      So anyways, what up bromosexual. Where you been? For a moment there, I had thought you might have gotten fired from that cushy ass forum mega troll patrol job of yours or something like that. Well anyways, please try not to leave too much of that special secret super smelly spicy troll sauce you got going on over there all over the place again while you’re back K chief. Thanks man, you’re a real sport. Yea, yea, yea, I know what your gonna say man, I know… That we’re all satanist here somehow and I am the worst one out of the all these satanist and this satanist website is only here to eventually trick all of us so called satanist somehow into converting over to satanism to finally become real satanist that serve satan and to leave your little luciferian like guyfriend Mr. Boogergliblow or whatever his real name is who you think isn’t a satanist alone and satanist satanist satanist blah blah blah blah … Don’t worry man, we got it already so just don’t bother k, because we’ve all heard that played out lackey goon squad tune of yours before countless times already hehehe. I honestly don’t care if your here or not or when you try to insult me. It’s just that we all know what your going to do already and it’s gotten pretty old now ya know. Well, it was nice to have the forum being all peaceful like though it was short lived but whatever… Since it can’t be helped anyway, welcome back then Gayman. Hehehe just messing with ya, sorry dude. I mean welcome back then Gayan 8P.

      For the record, I’m just poking fun at ya a bit so don’t let any of this get your frannymanpanties all wadded up in a bunch K sport. I’m just joking around as usual so don’t take it to the head. Well, have a good one then.

  18. heretics!

    • donnaliane72

      Your reason is?

      • Deus Servo Nobis [SlaveXER0]

        Why even bother asking him Donna? It’s the same reasons that all the other people who make judgments like this against us have. Which is usually not a good one or else he would have included it in his comment already. You should just leave this one be because he probably wouldn’t tell you anyways or can’t because his reason doesn’t actually provide anything that would prove his claim to be right. It just looks like he is trying to throw out a quick little insult or accusation without including any kind an explanation or reason in order to keep from having his own words used against him. Just let this one go.

  19. DavidJWebster,
    It’s nice to see passion in defense of our poor Church and the Truth it ought to teach. I, too, HATE the horrible deceits and half-truths that are spewed from the highest ranks in Vatican, especially from the Seat of Peter. I think we lost so much of the passion and zeal with which the saints used to defend our beloved Catholic church, often giving their very LIVES for it. Not that there aren’t saints today who also suffer and die for the faith, but in general, I find most Catholics today lukewarm and indifferent. I believe that this hurts (Our Lord) far more than hate.
    There’s a beautiful poem, (Bishop Sheen recited it in one of his talks) that speaks of the horror, the inconsolable pain of indifference that is plaguing our century:
    By G. A. Studdert-Kennedy (an Anglican priest and poet, 1883-1929)

    When Jesus came to Golgotha
    They hanged Him on a tree,
    They drove great nails through hands and feet,
    And made a Calvary;

    They crowned Him with a crown of thorns,
    Red were His wounds and deep,
    For those were crude and cruel days,
    And human flesh was cheap.

    When Jesus came to our town,
    They simply passed Him by,
    They never hurt a hair of Him,
    They only let Him die;

    For men had grown more tender,
    And they would not give Him pain,
    They only just passed down the street,
    And left Him in the rain.

    Still Jesus cried, “Forgive them,
    For they know not what they do,”
    And still it rained the winter rain
    That drenched Him through and through;

    The crowds went home and left the streets
    Without a soul to see,
    And Jesus crouched against a wall
    And sighed for Calvary.

    • Thank you Majkabozja. Your words are so appreciated but I just think of what you must mean to the Lord also. I guess we can weep together for Him. How often I have also thought about the past saints. I am so sorry we seem to be able to offer Him so little.

      • I am not defending the Vatican it is in the hands of satan. I defend God and am sorry so many are damaged by these monsters and being tricked and taken. away from God. I would suggest. running as far away as you can get from these satanic slimy demons. They are part of the New World Order and just like when they
        surported Hitler they will support evil again in tribulations under the guize of helping the world.It is the kindof help that will steal your soul. Beware of those in high places for they will take you low. This is the last run beware whose company you will be keeping. Take solice in God stand up in God be unafraid speak. up for God.

  20. They are satanic and walk with the royalty elites governments. Run from Bill Gates and his death jabs. Get out of the cities now. Pray to God he will guide you. Pray to God he loves you and wants you. You must read the Bible and seek the One True God. I live. in Australia and the display of the satanic evil eye in Sydney NYE is the shame of a nation and a shame on all. who say nothing. God has instructions to stand up speak up act in the face of such a blatantly insulr to his the One True God

    • donnaliane72

      Hi sunshelle. I also live in Sydney, Australia. I agree with you. But I only found out about it yesterday as I don’t really celebrate NYE! We didn’t even watch the fireworks on TV. Prefer to celebrate the Solemnity of Mary on the 1st instead. I’ll find a good way to protest- the most effective that I can think of. Keep posted

      • Happy to spill all I know to any who seek to know. Take a photo of the sun you will see wormwood heading in.Planetx Ison all the same Wormwood. Know they are locking up bikies for incoming Marshal. Law also bundled in under fema camps. Woodford in Qld where they are locking up bikies is FEMA. Kill shots from sun Snowden leaked have already taken out power Switzerland and Canada months ago. Site utube Satan in America will show you its everywhere also chris spivey dying of thirst will give you a good ideaabout your water. Chemtrals will show you exactly what an expendable parisites they think we are. When you finish throwing up read the Georgian Guide Stones . Then you can catch up on the microchip they have prepared for you.Prince William your future Antichrist already has his . Diana tried to throw herself down the stairs felt like she was starring in real life Rosemarys Baby. Allin her books and letters. Best way tp fight is 1 pray to God and Jesus Christ. 2 get it into all the media you can i constantly print signs and take extra headsets and hit the libraries scream out at check out ques . 3 Tell everyone Warn them. 4 protesting where it

  21. I agree DSN. I’m not expecting a reply. I figure the silence will say realms!

  22. Deus Servo Nobis [SlaveXER0]

    Wow! I can’t believe you mentioned the comet wormwood approaching us sunshelel. Because I wanted to tell all you guys about some strange news I heard the other day. It’s about a fisherman who frequently sails from Japan to I think the San Fransisco Bay or something like that which is 5,180 nautical miles. For over 3,000 of those nautical miles, he did not encounter any kind of aquatic life when he would normally get giant net fulls of random see life at places where he would normally go to fish. 3,000 miles or actually nautical miles which are a bit further then a normal mile, is a long way to sail through the pacific ocean without encountering any signs of life. On top off this, I heard some other news from a group of scientist who monitor see life and they said that the entire ocean is covered in dead sea creatures and it’s the most they have ever seen in the 28 or 29 years since they started.

    After I heard this, I remembered that I had read about something like this in the Bible. It is in John the Divine’s book of Revelations chapter 8 verses 8 through 9. I’m not sure what it may say in your Bibles but in mine which was printed in 1892 and reads differently then the more recently printed Bibles, it says the following.

    8 And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and a third part of the sea became blood;
    9 And the third part of creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships destroyed.

    This is the when the second angel sounds one of the seven trumpets which also means that the seventh seal has already been opened by the Lamb. So if what is currently going on in the pacific ocean right now is pretty much this part of the prophecy, you can see why a giant comet or lets just call it wormwood, is currently headed towards earth which is when the third angel sounds the next trumpet.

    Also another strange story was reported by a man that builds geiger counters who said he found that all along the west coast of California over in the U.S., there has been a giant increase in levels of radiation along the coast when he was testing his geiger counters. At first it was thought to be coming from the 9 nuclear reactors in Fukushima Japan that melted down over two years ago which are still leaking radiation into the ocean today, but after collecting the radio active elements from the affected areas, the studies showed that the radio active material that is causing the increase in radiation along the US west coast is not the same type used in the Fukushima nuclear reactors. They are also saying that they have no idea where all this extra radiation is coming from but what they do know is, the type of radiation is from natural elements and is not like the ones used for nuclear reactors. So this means something else pretty much killed a third of the ocean life which would pretty much be in the span of over 3,000 nautical miles you see?
    With sunshelle saying that they can now see wormwood approaching, I am now sure that all the dead sea life in the ocean right now has to do with the sounding of the second trumpet by the angel. So get ready and store a lot of clean water because in my Bible it says in Revelation chaperter 8 verses 10 through 11the following.

    10 And the third angle sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as if it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third pert of the river, and upon the fountains of water;
    11 And the name of this star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters; because they were made bitter.

    Anyone who thinks we are not living in the Time of Great Tribulation is no more then a blind fool or is in total denial of the blatant truth. The persecution of the real Christians has already begun and we have already been driven underground. Which is the reason why we have all come here on the internet now to pretty much congregate in secrecy for the most part understand? Also we can see people coming here and calling us all sorts of unpleasant things. We are in church right now which I am pretty much here all day listening to what you guys are saying and also to talk about what I have found out so far. I think it’s great actually and I never have to go outside which I really don’t like doing. Anyhow, I thought it was perfect timing for sunshelle to say what he or she did, considering what I wanted to also say to you guys so it worked out great. You are cool in my book whoever you are sunshelle and I can see you are blessed with the truth by our Lord too. Your name reminds me of something from an old Super Nintendo game called Chrono Trigger. It was an item in the game that you got towards the end which allowed you to build the main character Crono’s ultimate weapon, the Rainbow sword along with some armor which was also the best in the game. Wow, I am such a nerdy geek when it comes to things like that but I love it hehehe. Anyways you guys should continue to prepare for what’s coming down the pipeline next or you should start if you haven’t already. Good luck everyone and I love all you guys, we got some great people out there don’t we?

    • Deus Servo Nobis [SlaveXER0]

      Oh I also forgot to mention that the Fukushima power plant could kind of be considered as a mountain of fire that was cast into the sea because the site was buried in concrete or whatever, which might make it resemble a mountain with the radiation still leaking into the ocean. I’m not too sure of this because they said the radiation along the west coast of the U.S. that’s found isn’t the same kind as the one coming from Fukushima. Also I guess where it says that a third part of the ships were destroyed may mean that a lot of fishing ships are out of business now, therefore are destroyed.

    • Thank you for your kind words and happy to share. So two weeks ago strange red dust over Texas. Mysteriously appeared then they tried to call it a dust storm. I have been in dust storms never been in one that could sneek in unnoticed. Believe now respiratory problems . The oldest of the evil bushs live there and the crone had trouble breathing soon as it happened. I believe hali boop and lovejoy ison are all wormwood and it passes six times warning then watch out. However not to say another has passed and astronomers have been dying quicker than a dog at the rspca. There have also been many comet strikes including a show east to wrst over the usa. Anyone in California get out now the oarfish have been washing up for awhile now. The Philippines were hit by a tsunami caused by the usa navey which pulled out to sea as cyclone approached. SE Qld has had mystery explodive canisters many washing up on beaches. The only mystery is how everyone is blind. They are interfering with the weather China openly admits spending over ninety million a year. Wouldn’t want to ruin an event. They even know the next one down the line suffers but hey they got to see the fireworks. Have you seen the micro chip i cannot believe peole are asking for them. Prince William a future antichrist has his and lets not forget the near death cracked scull when demon boy was nine. See the link holygrail she knows the whole horror story . Diana constantly told friends their not even human .She even tried to kill the beast. Must not of liked her real life roll in Rosemarys Baby. Do you know they spray us like bugs see chemtrails. Unfortunately they constantly take down utube sights but all the heavenly signs have just about happened with a strange hand of God appearing just hours ago. I have a horror feeling satan just got cast down to earth which would all be connecting with Gods word. I have always wondered is Fukasema that fire cast into the sea although no one else sems to think that. Anyway no doubt I have given you yet more to digest so stand firm in God and know he wants action pray and love for your fellowman.

      • donnaliane72

        Hi sunshelle, lots of interesting info…
        What do you mean by the Hand of God appearing just hours ago ( as a heavenly sign)? Please give more detail. What exactly was seen and where was this seen? Thank you!

        • Just log in hand of God. It is a photo just released or re released . It certainly looks like. hand holding fire and brimstone. Also look at the rings that appeared some time agoa definite sign. The sun on Australia has gone yelloe to white and the moon is out of place and time. They block every sunset with cloud seeding . I cannot believe it is natural that ebery sunset clouded for six mths no doubt must be close to view with naked eye. Be quick for space photos they dissapear quick. Michelle

    • donnaliane72

      Knew I could rely on you DSN! Now it’s all in context for me. I must mention this is the 2nd time recently that I tried to reply to you DSN on separate occasions when my comment goes blank! And I started again. So I’m trying shorter replies -but more if necessary.

      • Deus Servo Nobis [SlaveXER0]

        No problem big sis. I’m always glad to be of service for you my good lady and as for everyone else as well. I was kinda wondering why it seemed like you weren’t talking to me too much anymore and I thought I may have ticked you off or something like that for a moment. I’m glad that’s not the case though and please don’t shorten the things you want to say here. I like it when everyone says a lot in the comments they leave which makes things more informative and better to understand. Of course you probably shouldn’t leave comments as big as the ones I always do though hehehe. I’m sure some people out there get pretty tired of reading through all my long drawn out crazy man’s talk, but I just can’t help it so sorry about that. Anyway, glad to hear from you again Donna and I hope you and the family are still doing well. Please get you and your family prepared in every way that you may think you need to for what is to come K. Good luck then and God be with you and yours.

        • donnaliane72

          Little brother, nothing you can say would ever offend me! This is your real family, ok? I felt your soul tight at the start. I try to read everything you say but I don’t always get a chance to reply. I have 6 children, mostly between 2- 13 yrs old and I work too. God’s work is first in my heart but as you know the worldly duties can only wait so long! Plus there’s so many articles lately that I’m trying to read a few of those each night. That’s why it’s often between 11pm- midnight in Australia when I get to this. Preparing yes. Must find more prayer time too.

          I must mention I also checked out Jacinta story and photos etc and what that stood out to me was June. It glowed at me. And the 0″ – can’t quite put it all together but because there are three dates given by God in the picture, I thought it could be the date of the Warning or chastisement, not the Second Coming? Whatever the reason June is important.
          Also My daughter who is 9 realised that the numbers looked at “Side-on” but read vertically are like a date written with dashes. So I am looking forward to your diagram! 😊

          • Saw a blog wondering about june and why that may be important . There are multiple eclipses and blood moons that will run consecutively over next couple of years.Very unusual very rare very God. Starts June watch . Red Heifer born now first in thousands of years. Go to utube and see mass animal die offs signs in the heavens the rings in space are a definite sign and the hand of God

      • Deus Servo Nobis (SlaveXER0)

        You know what? It’s funny you said that but you guys are kind of like a second family for me here although we are all part of our real family overall. This might trip you out but my foster mom’s name is also Donna, my best friend who I never get to see often now is named David, my older foster brother’s name is Sam which there is also another Sam here, my younger foster brother’s name is Nicholas, the little sister who’s the good Christian girl is named Anne and last but not least, there’s my real mom who’s name is Maria. Aside from a few other names I didn’t mention, these people are the only ones I consider to be real family members. Pretty funny huh? Talk about y your crazy coincidence… Or is it? Anyhow I’m glad I haven’t ticked you off or anything like that yet sis. Normally people turn tail and run, get all up in my face hardcore blasphemy style or pretend to listen or know what I’m talking about when I mention anything about God or the Bible. Again, it just goes to show you that just the name of God and Jesus Christ who are one and the same, alone has the power to repel and repulse all those who have turned against the one True Living God. It’s just so complexactotallutely awesomagnifantabuloustonishingly madbadradicool isn’t it 8D?!!! You don’t even have to say anything at all sometimes and those people will still completely loath your very presence amongst them, because the demon assigned to them causes the person to feel extremely uncomfortable around you so that the person will eventually chase you off, by starting a conflict with you completely out of the blue for what seems like no apparent reason at all. Or sometimes they do it by making you feel uncomfortable around them by doing little things like glaring at you from a far in an oppressive like manner. Usually if you run into people like this that are being greatly effected by outside nefarious forces, you will also feel an eerie presence about them. I will do the unseen silent prayer at times like this but haven’t had to very much because I don’t go outside too much. Well I’m getting pretty tired now so I’ll see you guys later K and Jesus like totally loves you all a whole bunch loads.

    • Deus Servo Nobis [SlaveXER0]

      Now that I think of it, concerning the seven trumpets to be sounded that signal the coming events, which take place after the Lamb has already opened the last seal of the book with the seven seals, the fourth trumpet may be part of the great warning Maria talked about. I think that this may be the sign God will give us because in my Bible it says the following in verse 12 of chapter 8 in Revelations.

      12 And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the thirds part of them was darkened, and the say shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise.

      The great warning has to be something that everyone in the entire world will see at the same time, no matter where they are or what time of day it is. This could possibly be the great warning Maria was talking about when she was in Fatima because she said that part of the warning would look like there were 2 suns dancing in the sky. If a third of the light of sun, moon and stars went out, the comet Wormwood would probably look like a second sun as it gets closer to earth before it crashes into us.

      Another possible scenario that I thought could be part of this warning is if God had all of a sudden allowed everyone to see either the seal of God or the spiritual mark of the beast on each other. This way, no matter where you are, what you are doing, what time of the day it is, who you are with or even if you are alone, everyone will see this and finally know how much they have offended God. There are actually two marks of the beast, the spiritual mark put on you by satan which we can’t see with our human eyes and the physical one which will be the RFID implant chips. The people with the spiritual mark of the beast will still have a choice at that point to either renounce satan and turn themselves over to God by accepting Jesus as the Lord and Savior of the world, or to take the physical mark of the beast which will finally damn them to hell for eternity. God said that the mark of the beast will appear either on the hand or on the forehead in the Bible. I think this means that the spiritual mark of the beast which appears on the forehead will be the sign that you have sinned against God in your mind and that the mark of the beast that is on the hand that might be the RFID chip, means you then sin against God with your hands also. Anyway, If this were to happen, it would cause all the people who are already against God to hate God even more, along with all the true Christians as well. Then we will be hunted down all over the world by satan’s new world order goon squads and most likely be put to death or tortured. Probably both as they try to make us renounce our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is one with the True Living God. Hence the 30,000 guillotines recently purchased by the U.S. government during 2013, all the ammunition they bought which is in the hundreds of billions now, all the new military vehicles they also purchased and the existence of all the countless FEMA camps they have already built. Soon there will be Bible burnings and Christians being murdered on the streets as they ring in their new one world religion as well.

      In the end, both these thing may possibly happen around the same time. Then nobody can run from the truth anymore and will finally have to make their choice on who they truly serve and follow, God Almighty or the devil who has already lost. If you are wise then you better make your decisions no if you haven’t already. I know what I have chosen which was a long time ago because I think God chose me too. All I have been doing this entire time since then is better understanding the choice I made, which God makes sure of. Since I pretty much grew up alone all my life, it was God who raised me up to be the person I am today and for that, I most grateful and eternally in debt to Him. My true Father who has always answered my prayers. Life has been a constant uphill battle and I have been hated by people all my life because I talk about God all the time everywhere I go. I seems like I am even hated by random people I have never even met before who I have said nothing to. I think this is because the people who are already have the spiritual mark of the beast can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit around God’s people and instantly hate and mistreat them for no reasons.

      Another thing I am still curious about that is written in Revelations is who the two witnesses of God are that John talks about in chapter 11, verses 3 through 12. I am not sure what it says in your Bibles so it may vary. An a little side note, I was actually super lucky to come across the one I have now, when I rescued it from a pile of books years back that were seen as just junk, to be resold for chump change by the person I was helping with a rummage sale at the time. There were actually a couple Bibles there which I took because I felt that things like this are not to be sold and that it is insulting to our Lord to do so with His Living Word. I wanted to give them to people instead but I never ran into anyone that actually wanted them, which is no surprise considering how people really are today. After looking through the one I have now, I saw that on the first few blank pages of this Bible were a bunch of various names of the people who had this bible and the date of their deaths. The earliest one being a person who lived from 1868-1944. This made me curious and eventually lead me to search for the origin of when this Bible was printed. It turned out that this Bible is about 122 years old, which I found out by looking up the company that produced it on the internet. I feel that this was a blessing from our Father to help me find the truth because the words in this bible have not been changed like the modern ones of today. Needless to say, it has been very handy for more people then just me and for a long time now.

      Anyways, back to the real subject now. I know for sure that one of the witnesses is the person Maria speaks through currently, but I wish we knew who the other is. Is it the last Pope who is Benedict that will eventually be forced to flee to a foreign land, then murdered as it was prophesied to happen? For sure it isn’t ol’ evil franny fran in the big man’s pants so I wonder who this other person is or what they have to say. It’s says both will be clothed in sackcloth so that means they will be a couple of poor people who are probably of humble birth. I heard that Maria is currently speaking through a devout nun of the catholic church, which nuns are pretty much people who renounce material and riches, therefor is a poor person in that sense. I don’t think that they actually wear sackcloth or something like that and what John really meant by saying this, is that the two are poor people. So for sure we know who one of the two are but where is the other?

      Is there’s another person of God somewhere out there right now that is putting out prophecies concerning the end times that I don’t know about? Does anyone know anything about this person at all? It says they both will prophesy for 1260 days so I would think this person was already out there right now, bringing God’s truth to people but I haven’t run across anything like this yet. The closest person I can think of is Benedict but we haven’t heard much from him lately. We need all the help we can get right now which is what makes me wonder about all this. One of the reasons I feel that this person should already be out there helping God do His work is because we’re already living in the time of great tribulation and also because when I count back 1260 days which is about three and a half years from the date I found in the Jacinta 1972 photo, I works out to around mid year 2012. So if the date I found is right, that means this person is out there right now and they should be prophesying about the end times for just about three and a half years, before the end of the world happens. I am pretty sure the 1260 days will be over sometime before the last 3 days of this world and the date I found in the Jacinta photo, so they may have been out there even before 2012 or so. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find this person maybe? In the meantime I will post up the information I have concerning the Jacinta 1972 photo soon and again I’m sorry that it’s taking so long.

      During the last couple of times I worked on it since I started trying to revise it again for the second time, on the last session I was going pretty hard for over 12 hours straight or more, which then caused me to get a horrible pinched nerve or something in my neck that runs down my left shoulder blade which is sill bothering the crap out of me. It makes the surface of my skin around that area feel numb when I touch it while there’s a stabbing pain like an icepick being driven into the muscles there. If I sit here at my computer too long, the stabbing pain starts to swell so I haven’t worked on the diagram much in the last few days. It kind of reminds me of when I first tried putting this information out on the internet back at the end of 2011. It was during the same time that I was dying of pneumonia and had that falling out with the blood related older brother, which I spoke about concerning one of the two atheist that betrayed me back then. I think I had also mentioned at one point before talking about my him, that I was never able to finish because everything was working against me at the time and I had became homeless due to certain circumstances, which you all now know of. It is partly why I even bothered to mention anything about my backstabbing brother, because it has a bit to do with some of the back story concerning my work with the Jacinta photo. It will be done soon though because it’s something I feel God is telling me to do before I die. I’m glad that I will post it here instead of where I originally tried to, which was on the Infowars and Prison Planet forum back in 2011. I guess some of you are still waiting for my lazy ass to finish it and I will as soon as I can for all of you. It is worth the wait so please be patient with me, thanks. For now I hope the recent information I’ve been posting helps some of you guys in one way or another. Take care then everyone.

      In nomine Patris et Filio, et Spiritus Sanctus.
      Placere benedicat omnis et tenere nobis domine Pater Caelestis.
      Regere omnis cum magna veritas vestris et Verbo Vivus Aeternum Deus Omnipotens, et tegere nobis cum sanguis de Dominus et Salvatoris nostris Jesus Christo, qui mortuus pro peccatus de orbis.
      Placere dimmite pro nobis peccatum nostra Pater Caelestis et redimere nos in die de magna iudicium nostrum domine Dominus.
      Nos gratias tu Deus de magna amoris et misericordia vestris, beatus et sanctus es te supra totus alius.
      Fiat laudete et gloria ut Patris aeternum in caele nostra et filium genitum ejus unicum Jesus Christo pro saecula saeculorum.

      • donnaliane72

        So much of what you said has been laid upon my heart also. I think it’s very important that if you have not attended to The Seal of the Living God ( in this case I’m referring to a special daily prayer given by God the Father for protection ) that you should do so without reservation immediately . Also the two witnesses and many other signs as well as some of the Seals are explained and revealed in the heavenly book called The Book of Truth (Maria divine Mercy) which was prophesied in Daniel 10:21. It is now given to the world ( one message at a time) as the EndTimes are here: this is its time! ( if that makes sense ). The second and most important reason to get hold of this book (vol. 1-3 at present) is for the spiritual preparation which ALL OF US need.

      • donnaliane72

        I would like to add that money isn’t needed. All the contents of the Book of Truth are available free through electronic postings. As is The Seal of the LivingGod. Go to
        You will be glad you did!

      • Deus Servo Nobis (SlaveXER0)

        Alright, I will have to check that out for sure when I can get myself around to it. Thanks for the nice suggestion Donna. It sounds pretty sweet. Also it’s good to know that it wont cost money because I’m always pretty much scraping by for the most part. I want to find this other person who is the second witness because I am sure they have a lot of great stuff to say on behalf of our most excellent and merciful Heavenly Father. This person should be here with us right now, revealing mind blowing truths and prophesies from God to everyone because I would say he or she is a big part of the family too. Also because the world is so sorely in need of God’s great mercy, wisdom and guidance now more then ever.

        It’ll be sweet to also learn more about the seals and what may have taken place at the time they were opened. I am under the impression that some of the seals John was describing when he saw them being opened where events that only took place in Heaven. I know that the first four seals are the four warhorse men of the apocalypse who have been making war, death, famine and pestilence on the earth for as long as humans can remember.

        The opening of the fifth seal marks the time where all the saints and martyrs of God who had died or were killed because they kept the Word of the Lord, make their suit against the wicked people of the earth that are claimed by the beast and the dragon. Needless to say, God is most true and just above all else for all time. He will pass His divine judgement upon all the wicked that have betrayed Him and the saints. Those found guilty according to their works as well as their words and are not redeemed through the blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, will then be made to drink from the cup of God’s everlasting wrath for all eternity. The only thing I have left to say about this is Fiat Iustitia dei apud populus in numero Deus adveniat regnum donec et in seacula seaculorum. Mgnuum gratias Dominus Sancte in Cealum noster.

        As for the sixth seal, I think this is something that happened here on earth already which concerns a massive earthquake and abnormal astronomical events, which drives all the global elitists and their lackey followers to hide in the mountains. I think this part is actually referring to all the enormous bunkers that are like huge underground cities, which the globalist swine have already built inside off mountains all over the world during the last century. The U.S., Russian and Chinese governments have all already admitted on record that these giant fallout bunkers do exist and they are there for soul purpose of maintaining the continuity of their tyrannical rule over the earth. I heard that all these facilities are currently fully functional and staffed, with some of globalist goons already living in them. The rest of the scum sucking new world order filth will eventually go into these places to hide themselves, right before they release their genetically mutated airborne super viruses and drop nuclear bombs all over the planet in order to murder the 6.5 billion or more people they hope to kill. All of this was admitted on record by the globalist as well and a lot of these self righteous sycophantic psycho sociopaths have even written books about what they plan to do to everyone.

        They aren’t even afraid to do things like that because they know that they were already successful in geo-politically engineering most of the world’s current human population to always be extremely narrow minded and completely self engrossed with their own miserable lives to care or even bother with things concerning the globalist’s agenda. Always so busy trying to indulge themselves with worldly pleasures and maintaining their empty lives in order to keep doing so, in such a way that the thought of what might possibly be happening outside of their own lives never even crosses their minds. The stink of this world’s corruption and wickedness is so great that it even reaches all the way up to Heaven. God have mercy on all of us who live upon the face of the earth in a world full of our many false gods, worshiped idols of pure iniquity and countless works of evil which greatly sin against our Lord in heaven Jesus Christ, as well as all the saints of our family.

        The opening of the seventh seal is the time where the angles of the Lord are sent forth by him to sound the seven trumpets that were prepared for them. That’s all I pretty much know about the seals so far by praying to God and asking him about it. As far as prayers are concerned, I usually just make up my own when I do. Which is what I think everyone else also does usually right? Not too sure about that I guess, since I don’t pray around others like how people normally do in church or wherever and if I am which I do a lot everywhere I go, then you wouldn’t know that I was. I just talk to God about whatever I may be thinking about or what I’m feeling at the time depending on the current situation and I always ask Him questions a lot too. I’ve always alone a lot pretty much so I got used to doing what I guess you can call traditional prayers in private. I talk to him all the time but I only pray when I need to ask him for things like forgiveness or to watch over people and to have mercy on everyone. Other things are like asking him to keep an eye over me when I go after something evil in order to route it out, or to bless me with some of his almighty and all knowing wisdom and knowledge when it comes to extremely important matters like the Jacinta photo. Most of the everything that I have said to all of you when I am not talking about something not having to do with myself personally, are usually things that God either allowed me to see which he shows me at times, by letting me know that I should pay close attention to something or someone, or it’s something he tells me when I ask Him about it or when He wants me to know of it. Like the other day when I heard the strange news about all the dead fish covering the bottom of the ocean and what not. The thought of it being something I read in the Bible didn’t come across my mind till later on, when I was listening to the replay of that segment of news and the thought of me reading about something similar like that in the bible popped into my head while I talking with the Big Guy at the moment.

        I should now probably mention again that I don’t hear some kind of strange voice in my head when God answers a question I ask him or he shows me something. It’s more like when he talks to everyone else when conveying certain thoughts or feeling to you through the Holy Spirit, if you guys can understand that. An example would be like if a friend had happened to take you somewhere they think is cool to have some so called fun so they think, without ever telling you what the place actually is before you actually go in there because it’s a surprise. Even though the outer appearance of it seems non threatening enough and there are no distinguishing signs on the building, you still get an overwhelming sense of foreboding danger all of a sudden right as you get to just outside the entrance, which now makes you want be cautious.Then you begin to have second thoughts about the whole ordeal flood into your mind telling you that you shouldn’t go in there because it’s not a place you should be in. Then it turns out that the place is actually turns out to be a super sleazy strip joint or kind of stink hole dive full of God hating atheist liberals.
        I have never had this happen to me before but I thought this example would help you to better understand what I am am trying to describe to you and of course I have tested the spirits as we are told to do. Since it pretty much has keeps me out of trouble for the most part all my life, leads me to help others in need all the time and makes me believe in the power of Jesus Christ more and more as I continue to experience all the things, I am pretty sure that I am not talking to evil spirits because I address our Lord Jesus Christ who is God by name when I talk with him and no foul spirit is permitted to answer in His name which is also His Everlasting Word.

        When I talk or pray to God I usually don’t follow any kind of set prayers except for Pater Noster and Ave Maria really. I actually made up that prayer in Latin which I posted above to finish out that comment. I probably will have to eventually follow set prayers though because I have actually been teaching myself Latin so that I can study and use an old Rituale Romanum that I bought awhile back. This one was printed back in 1942 and is an original version before all the Roman Rituals were changed by the Vatican council II after they came to power. I learned that demons especially friggin hate it like crazy when exorcisms are done on them in Latin so I payed a huge chunk of change to get this book which I still think it was worth it. Learning how to preform rites for God to bless things like water though the Holy Spirit is pretty dang cool too, which is probably the only other part I would want to use out of this book. Anyhow, sorry to go off on a long tangent again and thanks one more time for the reply you left me Donna. Take care doll. Deus Benedicere Vobis.

      • Deus Servo Nobis (SlaveXER0)

        Oops, I noticed that I kinda screwed up a little on that last comment of mine. I meant that most everything which I have talked to you guys about when I’m not talking about myself personally are things God told me. I screwed up and said “when I’m not talking about something not having to do me” so it sounds like I’m pretty much saying when I talk only about things only having to do with myself. Sorry about that and all. I usually screw up somewhere eventually on a lot of the comments I post, which leads me back to what I said to VTA about taking your time to make sure what you are say to everyone is worded correctly and true. I got tossed into a mad house for a few hours for just saying I believe in God and Jesus Christ because I am a Christian, and that God talks to me through the bible when he asked me how does God talk back to me. I didn’t bother mentioning anything further to that gay psychologist dude back then which is what I told you guys earlier concerning this. I chose not to because I already knew he had it out for me and if I did say any more, it would give him more reason then what little he already had to lock me up. Only a true Christian knows what I am talking about when God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit and this guy would have had an even bigger field day with that, but I still said the truth without lying because God Speaks to all of us through the Bible today. it is His Eternal Living Word which is alive with the Holy Spirit which breaths God’s truth into our lives when He speaks to us as we read about His truths. Anyhow, this experience along with countless others similar to that when dealing with other people has caused me to be more thorough and give more thought to the the things I say to people.

  23. Gayan Fernando

    (AP) Pope says abortion evidence of ‘throwaway culture’
    Associated Press
    Pope Francis on Monday criticized abortion as evidence of a “throwaway culture” that wastes people as well as food, saying such a mentality is a threat to world peace.

    Francis also urged better respect for migrants and denounced the persecution of Christians in Asia, Africa and the Middle East in his global survey of world crises delivered to diplomats accredited to the Holy See.

    Saying hunger is a threat to world peace, he noted that not only food but human beings themselves are often discarded as unnecessary.

    “We cannot be indifferent to those suffering from hunger, especially children, when we think of how much food is wasted every day in many parts of the world immersed in what I have often termed `the throwaway culture,’” Francis said.

    That culture, he said, also affects the unborn child.

    “For example, it is frightful even to think that there are children, victims of abortion, who will never see the light of day,” he said. Francis has generally limited his exhortations about abortion, saying church teaching is well known and that he prefers to speak less about the church’s moralizing rules and more about its positive, welcoming message.

    In remarks that were less diplomatic and more a reflection of his own priorities, Francis called for the elderly to be treated with respect that their wisdom warrants, and for children to be protected from exploitation, slavery and hunger.

    He lamented those who have died trying to find better lives for themselves and their families, citing migrants from his own Latin America trying to reach the United States and Africans seeking to enter Europe.

    He urged Italians in particular to “renew their praiseworthy commitment of solidarity” toward migrants, an allusion to the current debate in Italy to revise its restrictive immigration policies.

    Each year, thousands attempt risky voyages across the Mediterranean in unseaworthy boats heading toward Italian shores, and hundreds die en route. Last year, Francis visited the island of Lampedusa, the destination of choice for smuggling operations where more than 360 people died in a single shipwreck on Oct. 3.

    From Syria to Mali, North Korea to South Sudan, Francis called for the international community to do more to end conflicts and care for the most vulnerable.

    Francis also decried the persecution of Christians that has forced many to flee the Middle East, resulted in bloodshed in places like Nigeria and Mali and deprived Christians of their right to worship in parts of Asia.

    “We must never cease to do good, even when it is difficult and demanding, and when we endure acts of intolerance if not genuine persecution,” he said.

    • Gayan, None of us here who you call heralds of the Devil are speaking ill of the sheepskin this wolf is wearing! You continue to fail to address the concerns and issues of all you accuse.

  24. Gayan Fernando

    Every one here, please notice what His Holiness says here and that will tell you how His Holiness proves that these satanists who maintain this blog and those who post anti-pope comments here are a group of liars. Don’t be deceived. These are heralds of the devil. They want to destroy the church of Christ our Lord.

    • Gayan, None of us here who you call heralds of the Devil are speaking ill of the sheepskin this wolf is wearing! You continue to FAIL TO address the concerns and issues of all you accuse.

    • Remnant Clergy

      Gayan has claimed previously to be an exorcist. For that to be true, he needs to be a priest duly appointed by a bishop. So Gayan, since you never answered those questions, let me ask again: are you a priest (yes or no) and have you been appointed by a bishop (yes or no)? Why do you refuse to answer?

      Secondly, Gayan often talks about satan in accusatory form. Freemasons at the higher degrees are into satanic worship, as the their “bible” – Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike – says clearly, along with more recent books by Manly Hall such as The Lost Keys of Freemasonry. You can find this on the internet easily, or buy reprints to verify this. Since Freemasonry is deliberately deceptive and is satanic, how do we know that Gayan is not merely a Freemason disruptor? Even if we ask Gayan, Freemasons take a blood oath not to reveal the secrets under penalty of death, i.e. lie, so we cannot know for sure at this time. Do you belong to a Lodge, Gayan?

  25. Deus Servo Nobis [SlaveXER0]

    Hey whats up everyone. Sorry I haven’t been around lately because I haven’t been doing too well for the last several days. I’ve had no money to eat for the last week or so cause I spent all I had left to help someone get into a drug rehab center. So I’ve been starving and what not and haven’t had the energy to do too much. I feel a little better today though because I just woke up from making myself sleep for over 30 hours or so hahaha. Kind of like a bear in hibernation during the winter when there is no food. Anyhow, I just had to make it until today to get paid but I got some new information for you guys concerning what I spoke about last. I’ll tell you guys in a bit when I get back later. I just gotta go find something to eat because it’s almost been two days now. K see you guys in a bit. The new info I have will trip you guys out no doubt. 8D

    • donnaliane72

      Way to go DSN

    • Deus Servo Nobis [SlaveXER0]

      Alright! I’m alive again XD! Anyways, as for that new info that I came across over the last several days. It concerns the sounding of the second trumpet which I had talked about earlier, taking place in revelations after the seventh seal has been opened by the Lamb. John describes this part as there being a giant mountain of fire in the ocean that kills a third of all the sea life. Recently I told you about a large portion of the sea life in the pacific ocean being dead for unknown reasons and a high increase in the level of background radiation all along the North American west coast. It turns out that more recent test of the radiation in the effected areas shows that it is not the same type used in the Fukushima nuclear reactors which is cesium 137. Instead it is a high increase in natural types of radiation like radium and bromine which is normally what the worlds background radiation consist of. They said for there to be such a high increase of this type of natural radiation, it would have to come from something like a super volcano erupting. This further makes for the strong possibility that the real reason for all the sea life dying is because there is a giant volcano at the bottom of the pacific ocean erupting currently which is also giving off all this extra radiation found in the pacific. The people doing the research on this are still saying they have no idea where all this extra background radiation is coming from but I think I know. This leads me to further believe that the second trumpet has already been sounded now and we will see the comet wormwood soon when the third trumpet is sounded, as it was written in John’s Revelations.

      Another thing I wanted to bring to light is the weather as of lately. Where I am it should currently be winter but we have been having extremely hot days since our winter started. It is almost like it is summer time here and when I look at the sun, the sun seems so bright that I can barely look at it. I used to be able to stare at the sun before for a bit without having to blink but now I can’t even look near it without it hurting my eyes. Didn’t Maria say that the sun would be a lot brighter during the days of the great tribulation or something like that? Well that’s what my mom told me anyway.

      Sorry I didn’t get this info up sooner when I wanted to but I hope this still helps you guys prepare yourselves a bit more. Oh by the way, the person I helped get into that drug rehab center got kicked out for being a dumbass but at least he detoxed and is now getting into a sober living home I guess. Well then, take care everyone and good luck to you all.

      • donnaliane72

        Very interesting DSN! I’ll be passing that on. About your friend, it really was wonderful what you did for him because Jesus tells us how much he loves all; including the most lowly, most desolate, most unworthy as much as any other soul, no matter what they do or have done. He doesn’t want to lose even one soul and showing them Love, through prayer and actions and His Word is the way! And when we think we’ve been rejected for it, yet again, or betrayed, to offer that suffering up for their soul too. Then the devil can’t win-,for all we do and suffer gains Jesus ever more souls. This is the example He set and the command He gives, which is PURE JOY to fulfil, for those who embrace His yoke. No wonder you are happy! 😊

      • Deus Servo Nobis [SlaveXER0]

        Well the guy I was helping isn’t exactly a friend of mine. It takes a lot for me to actually consider someone a friend and they must also have certain qualities for me to even trust them in the first place. This guy is just a former room mate of mine that was living here a couple months ago and had a run of bad luck recently. He still comes around here now because we let him keep a bunch of his belongings here while he tries to get himself properly situated. Also because he isn’t from anywhere near here originally and doesn’t know anyone else who can help him other then me and his other former room mates here. He’s pretty much your everyday average young ex gang banger type that refuses get rid of the thug mentality and had bought into the whole gangster life nonsense that the entertainment industry constantly pushes on everyone today. He’s always been in and out of correctional facilities for most of his adult life so he says, usually for crimes that are driven by his drug addiction which he struggles with to a degree. I feel sorry for him even though he got himself into his current situation by screwing over most his family and friends for drugs. He really doesn’t have many people left that are still willing to help him, which is sad to see even in his case which is a big reason why I even bother to help him. Everyone in this world needs help from each other throughout life in order for humanity to even survive in this harsh reality and no matter what a person has done or who they may be at the time, that doesn’t change the fact that they’re still a person in need of help at the time who deserve as much just because they are alive.

        Another reason why I guess I help him in particular is because when I was growing up, I never really got much help from other people for the most part during the bad times. So I know what he is going through in a sense and how hard it can be to try to make it on your own in times like that. Whatever help I did get during those harder times, I still see as great acts of kindness from a few people which I’m forever grateful and in debt to. Especially to God of course, because he has never let me down in all my life since I’ve known him and is really the true source responsible for all the help we get in the grand scheme of things. I honestly never expect to get anything that I haven’t already gotten when trying to help others, nor do I look for any show of gratitude or acknowledgment because as far as I’m concerned, I owe God for forever anyways and what little I do to try to repay anything he has done for me, is really no more then just filthy useless rags compared to even the tiniest thing that he does for any of us. I’m super glad our Holy Father raised me to see it in this way, so I never actually feel the sting of disappointment much when the things I try to do to help others or myself end up in complete failure a lot of times. Plus if you never expect anything to happen aside from a person getting the help they need, then you’ll never be surprised when some of the people you help show no gratitude or may even act ungrateful towards you afterwards, which is how this guy kind of acts like most of the time. He does seem somewhat grateful and even thanks whoever helps him at the time, but afterwards he still doesn’t give those people the respect they actually deserve and is overall rude to everyone in general. Being in an area that isn’t very gang orientated for the most part makes it harder for him to interact properly with people around here.

        Ultimately I think he acts this way because he has had the stupid thug life mentality for so long and spent so much time in prison or jail that he doesn’t really know how to act any otherwise. Not to be insulting in any way, but I honestly have to say that this guy hasn’t done too much to truly deserve the help he’s gotten recently, aside from just being a charity case and that he created his current crappy life situation all on his own. Maybe I’m dumb but I kind of thought that if I continued helping him and being nice even though he never really acted grateful for any of it overall or treated me with a little more respect, it might still somehow help him realize the fact that you don’t have to be an extremely brazen, selfish and arrogant gang banging nitwit to get whatever you need to make it in life, or to be able to have more which can be used to help others. He really hasn’t shown any signs indicating that he may actually realize this to any degree and is still pretty much stuck in extreme gangsta survival mode for the most part which continues to make him always act like everyone is against him. I guess that’s a big part of the whole gangsta life mentality thing along with the idea of always trying to come up easy at the expense of anyone else whenever possible. In the end, all that the people who’ve already helped this guy can really hope for, is that he doesn’t blow it this time around and that he’ll eventually learn how to live life as a normal person before it’s too late. Compared to my foster brother though, this guy isn’t even close to being as bad concerning behaviors like this and is way easier to deal with overall.

        Though I have never hung around someone quite like this guy before since I’ve always pretty much stayed clear of the entire gangsta scene that so many people seem to love, I can still understand his situation and the type of person that he is because I have observed so many people that are just like him. I have met countless people who are for the most part shady individuals during my life which were usually people that friends of mine had brought around or were connected to one of my brothers or sisters in some way. Usually being a lot of different kinds of gangsters, drug addicts and people who are constantly in and out prison or jail. You really don’t know what is truly right or wrong until you have seen and experienced the dark underlining of human corruption in our world today. As crappy as life was for me while I was growing up, I never regret going through any of the situations that I have because I was always able to learn a lot about people through the grace of God. I think in order for us to truly see God’s light of truth clearly in life, one must eventually explore their way into the vast darkness that is a large part of all human existence, with the protection and guidance of God’s Holy Trinity. Going into the darkness in order to better understand God and His plans for us as best as we can, makes His light easier to distinguish and his truth even more undeniable when viewed from there. The deeper we decide to go into the darker side of humanity in order to further learn truth and righteousness with God as our rod and staff, the brighter His light will then clearly shine through all of the darkness to lead us closer to His truth and Word. If we never take the time in life to do this, then how can anyone really know if they are truly seeing the light of God’s truth when they’re always standing or walking in what they’ve been lead to believe is the true light? How then can they possibly even be able to tell apart the true light from the false one that satan posses as which further keeps people blind to the real truth and God’s Word?

        Anyhow, none of this is meant to be some kind of pathetic means of self glorification in any way, shape, or form for me so don’t get me wrong by thinking that it is somehow. I’m honestly not trying to make it sound like I’m somehow better then anyone else by saying all this, because truly I’m so very far from ever being anything even close to that. Nor am I trying to convince people that my way of doing things in life is the right way for anyone other then myself. Mentioning a few of the things God had done for me in my life wasn’t said so that you can just see what He did for me personally as if I were someone special, it was mentioned so you can see what he does for everyone including a totally undeserving sinful loser like me who is pretty much useless most part in my opinion. I just feel that by talking about things like this, it might give some other people a few new ideas on how to build a more personal relationship with God if they still don’t really have one yet or maybe some advice on how to possibly deal with certain things in life. Really I’m not all that great of a Christian to be honest so I’m probably the last person that should be giving any advice to other Christians I guess…

        Also, I should mention that I ‘m actually not a very happy person in real life at all for the most part. I was a little bit happy yesterday for a very brief moment because I finally got some food but I’m pretty much constantly depressed just about all the time really. Usually its because I’m always thinking about all the terrible things that are constantly happening in this world when my mind isn’t being occupied by something else at any moment, which never actually makes any of the depressing thoughts I have go away completely. I just can’t seem to ever stop thinking about all the overwhelming corruption and suffering created by the sins of humanity and the many evils of satan which continue to destroy everything and everyone around me. I also think a lot about how much of a failure I really am in life for being such a lowly sinner that actually causes some of the pain and sorrow that Jesus always feels because of my own iniquities. Just thinking about all the lost people who wont make it to heaven in the end causes me to be very depressed because I also know that it’s a big reason why God and all of heaven dwells in great sorrow. These are only a few of the countless things which make me feel depressed all the time and all these thoughts forever remain somewhere in the back of my mind at all times when I’m awake, which become background thoughts that still bother me while I’m busy doing something else or when I’m thinking about other things. I find that there are way more things in life to be sad about right now then there are things to be happy for.

        I have pretty much been this way ever since I could think for myself so it doesn’t bother me much now because I’ve grown pretty used to it. For the most part I feel okay which is as good as it will ever get and suits me just fine really. A lot of the things God tells me is also usually quite depressing because it mostly concerns everything that is taking place during the end times in which we now live. In the end, this whole depression thing I have going for me can’t be helped because all these thoughts are actually inspired by God, which help me to better understand the Word of God and His great truths, while further strengthening my faith in our Lord Christ even though these thoughts make me feel depressed all the time. Since I’m really never able to be happy in this life anyways, I just keep doing what I’ve always done which is pretend to laugh and smile as I joke around a bit while the entire situation continues to get worse by the day. God does inspire me to have many pleasant thoughts as well though but they still don’t actually make me feel happy at all really. Those type of thoughts just make me feel a little more at peace or somewhat content at times and they also bring me a bit of hope now and again which is nice. So let us all give thanks to our Heavenly Father for all the things both great and small which he does for us in this our lives. Praise the Lord!

        • donnaliane72

          Yes- praise and glory be to God, forever and ever, world without end- Amen! Thank you DSN for sharing so much of your life story. It helps us to know and understand you more. I admit if I dwell too much on the evil, I can get very upset and disheartened, ESP raising children in a world like this! I think the reasons for which I have hope and hold onto it, refusing to despair, even in dire situations, is that God has a way of turning things around, bringing good from evil, enabling amazing conversions in sinners, miracles of great Love in the world and I am really looking forwRd to both The Warning and His Second Coming. I want to live in the New Paradise: have you read those descriptions? It doesn’t matter if we die or live to the very end, if we hold fast to the Truth, we’ll be part of the glorious Kingdom to come. In the meantime we suffer but it is not without a poignant mix of joy, knowing we can offer it to The Lord. It’s pretty obvious that depression is the cross you have been given to carry, your cross as they say. There will be miracles at The Warning and again when the Great Miracle appears at Garabandal. By, or at this time, I pray you will be healed. Expect it DSN, because in God you can expect all good things!

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